GTA Vice City REMAKE Mod In GTA 5 Looks INSANE

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is transformed into Vice City with this recent amazing mod. Falcon dives in.
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    1. Fanboys would be surprised considering other developers been doing this before this video, not to mention we won’t be able to play this ad the developer is probably going to get a lawsuit anyway.

    1. The small modders give us what we want at lower quality,AAA pump out 98% bullshit with amazing mechanics and depth though haha

    2. Look this is great work by modder standards, but don’t pretend the actual developers aren’t capable of this and 10x more if this was the project given to them.

    1. That’s about 98% of videos like this. Gotta get that revenue. Pretty sure anyone that tunes in to these vids, only have them on for background noise and aren’t actually watching.

  1. I feel like if a team of modders actually wanted too and had the ability they could make a totally new feeling GTA game with missions and cutscenes and stuff.
    I’d pay top dollar for that.

    1. @Jay Also who said Rockstar deemed it impossible? Rockstar was working on a new version, why the hell would they spend money and time to port an older game? You’re just a kid with a kid mentality. It’s not about it being possible, it’s about whether or not it’s profitable and makes sense. This is a company, a business, not a bunch of people that make games for fun.

    2. @Jay I’m pretty sure you’re a troll or very dumb. It’s quite obvious a modder can’t make Rockstar look ‘incompetent’. Rockstar has a huge team of all levels of developers, while a mod team if a team at all, is just a bunch of people who have other jobs and do it as their hobby.

    3. @KlusterFuk awww, look at you throwing words around you don’t know how to use. Don’t worry, that doesn’t make you look stupid, at all. Your poor grammar and unprovoked insults do that for you.

    4. Stop asking for these kind of things, it won’t happen; recently some developer got a lawsuit from Rockstar/Take-Two because of this.

  2. So this video is basically 4 minutes of exploring the various pros and cons of this mod, and the remaining 6 minutes is just repeating what was said in the first 4 minutes. I’ll recap it for you: It’s an amazing mod! Yes, it is a bit rough around the edges, but it wasn’t made by a triple-A studio, it was made by a fan who just loved Vice City!

    There, I just saved you the extra 6 minutes Gameranx needs to get that ad money.

    1. Ya’ll gotta stop excusing this guy. If you want a 10+ min video then make content! Instead of just saying the same thing for 10 minutes while walking around and not doing anything, MAYBE he could have actually played the game a bit, showed all the new cars, drove around, did a mission etc. There’s plenty of things to do when reviewing something, but he was just lazy and knew this type of garbage content will just do. That’s what happens when your audience is 9-12 years old

    1. @brodriguez11000 there is remasters and remakes, most remasters now are just PC version ported to console but every GTA game before 4 needs a remake

      And no I’m no a graphics wh***e I just need a version what works well on my 50inch 4k and Xbox one controller since it just doesn’t feel like it used to on the hardware it was designed for

    2. Mr. Cyber
      Lol, yeah ok. That’s why they focused all their efforts on “free multiplayer updates” and canned single player DLCs in two separate titles for multiplayer. Unless it’s
      GTA VICE CITY: Online you will never see it in gta V.

  3. You guys should do a video like this on “Skyblivion” and “Skywind”. It’s a recreation of oblivion and morrowind in Skyrim.

    1. More like part time on call. Trust me you won’t want to be there being employed full timer despite the Backstory of what everyone went through at R* Studio.

    2. @Mark Pickering I’m just saying I’ve heard through the grapevine that the next GTA is going back to Vice City.

      Take it for what it’s worth lol.

      Seeing as PS5 is debuting this year I’d expect an announcement sometime in the next 6-12 months

    3. @Johnny Michael if this becomes a new possible game in the near future they should be all new change what wasn’t done before like going shopping for clothes buying properties to live in new missions new side missions and new storylines as well

  4. First off, streching a video to get ads like this is lame.
    Second – Falcon always uses the same words and expressions repeatedly, at least make the effort of preparing a nice script, if you’re going to prolongue the freaking video…

    1. @beast Definitely worth the buy. Plays really well on the 360, but the framerate is practically locked on the One. Either way it’s an upgrade from the OG Xbox though. Added achievements, and overall a nice paint job. My only complaint is disabled subtitles only works on cutscenes.

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