10 BIGGEST Mistakes First Time Gamers Make

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Newcomers to gaming can fall prey to some silly mistakes. Here are some fun examples you might appreciate.
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    1. I tried having my nieces play BotW and noticed they had the same problem and I tried setting the camera to be inverted. Apparently that was one of the main issues cause she started moving the camera more often, granted she was still bad overall, but I did noticed it helped her a bit

    2. @SNYDER well we have been around long enough to have played games on a cassette tape….

      But that wasn’t really my point, it’s more about how the younger guys have only really had to learn one way of playing, and have been able to develop the muscle memory for it from a younger age, so it’s much more 2nd nature for them

    1. @CHO cho I was curious about the validity of your statement so I did some quick research. Last year, the ratio of gamers was 54% males to 46% females. In 2006, the earliest date I could find stats for, the ratio was 62% males to 38% females. So what you’re saying is an old misconception. Female gamers are growing in number, consisting of almost half of all gamers. So that means the chances of finding a good female gamer are higher now than they were in 2006. You’ve only seen a fraction of all female gamers, my friend.

    2. @RoseOfTheNight4444 yes at least it’s the truth for me, there’s good females player but it’s rare. common girl usually not too into a videogames than males.

    3. @CHO cho It’s only the truth for _you._ You’re bound to eventually come across a female gamer who could sweep the floor with you and – thereby – your team’s opponents; which will prove that this will no longer be the inherent truth of your gaming experience.

    1. @Salaminized DS3 isn’t all that hard, especially if you just look up how stats work, which weapons are worth while and if you roll. I’ve beaten DS3 4 times and still haven’t beaten DS2.

    2. @DJ Ny awesome bro,any tips I recently started playing, i got the Cleric Beast on my 4th try, Father Gascoigne on my 1st try(Was a fucking joke, sekiro prepared me for that) and now with Vicar Amelia I’m om try 11 and I cant beat her, it’s the demon of hatred all over again, I Platinumed DarkSouls 1 and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, and I’m now busy with Bloodborne and I’m stuck I dont wanna look up guides on my 1st playthrough becuase that’s the equivalent of cheating so I’ll do that on second, but If I may ask, any tips?

  1. Was the word “Attetion” misspelled on purpose to underline the fact of “Paying Attention” or is it a typo? My OCD needs to know.

    1. I have a feeling it was a typo and they hearted the comment because they looked back and went “Oh LOL how’d we miss that?”

    1. @Matthew Anthony there’s something magical about Shenmue. It’s really jarring at first and there were some points where it really felt like my inputs weren’t being recognised and was failing due to bad design, but if you accept the blemishes, you’ll find something quite special

    2. @Matthew Anthony See I would agree but your opinion is trash, games can be old but still fun depending from person to person. I still go back to DMC3 because the story is solid and the game play is fun.

  2. Not realizing that “just 10 more minutes” or “I’ll just finish this chapter/level” ACTUALLY means “I’m playing this until 3am without realizing it”

  3. I thought since I completed the gta five campaign I thought I would completely dominate in the online mode and as soon as I got into the game someone was flying around and crashed into me with a jet. Well at least I learned my lesson

    1. Level 1 GTA online players ooof. Find some friends and run with them for a while. It’s no fun alone against a group of assholes with Oppressors.

  4. I’d argue going through the singleplayer campaign of a game with a competitive multiplayer scene DOES prepare you for multiplayer. Just not for the PLAYERS of that mode. You can get a better understanding of a game’s mechanics through the singleplayer via the tutorials than you would blundering around in multiplayer where everyone generally knows what’s going on already.

    1. I’d say this depends on the game, or if there are alternative single player modes to play outside of story mode, for instance Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Terrorist Hunt on the hardest difficulty was a great way to practice for online play.

    2. @TheMakronX true arcade fighters don’t need to frame read, because if you become reliant on that one thing you will become complacent about others, i really suck at fighters but in all honesty i have beat people who play against the big dogs, i may not win often but still, simply because they miss the basics

    3. Single player is school. Multiplayer is real life! No matter how hard you study, you are never ready for it until you fail, learn and experience the reality.

    4. Yeah, I remember one time I was playing the last of us and there was this guy that told me that it was his first time playing it and he hadnt played the campaign, so later i realized that he didnt know how to run, hear, buy ammo and upgrades or make weapons so i had to teach him basically everything

    5. While campaign prepares you for multiplayer scene as regards core mechanics, it does not prepare you for the core mechanics of multiplayer mode; and I’m not talking only about the human aspect of the scene. I’m talking about deep knowledge. Let’s say you end your campaign multiple times at the highest diffuiculty level. So, you know the controls, and the core mechanics of the game; you have very fluid muscular memmory, etc. However, multiplayer has MODES. That isnt’ taught in campaign. You have to learn things like CTF, Defend/Destroy, respawning, etc. Then, if we talk about FPS e.g. you absolutely need MAP KNOWLEDGE: you can be precise, quick and smart, but another player will just abuse you because he/she knows where to snipe you, where to ambush you, and where you spawn, for example. If you look at fighting games, people actulally STUDY game mechanics such as frame data, hit boxes, etc. so knowing good combos won’t be enough to defeat these players because, most of the time, when you jump into the multiplayer, you already face people that have been playing it for a long time and have that knowledge advantage against you. I may be wrong, I’m not a multiplayer…player, but I know some things. So, yes Campaign mode/Tutorials help you get the core mechanis, but Multiplayer is a whole different world. I have experienced it myself a few times.

  5. When your friends come to your house and playing games on your pc/console. And then they said the game is bad/not fun to play, the story suck. But because they didn’t really play it. Skipping dialogue, cutscene, tutorials and constantly asking how to control the character, jump, shot, interact …

    Damn i hate when they do that
    I mean really?

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