Nibu – Gameplay (PC/UHD)

Universe Dragon Ball

Universe Dragon Ball

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About NIBU
Nibû is a real-time technique recreation set within the historical close to east.
Select between Three totally different allied factions, construct your base and defeat the hordes of enemies. Be challenged by Three totally different situations.

Warfare has introduced smash upon the world of the Ashur Union. The allied "Horde" has destroyed a big a part of their standing military and is profitable decisively.
The few battles that determine their destiny are in your fingers!
 RTS Model unit management and building
 Wave Primarily based Limitless Survival Mode
 Custimize your video games with wave energy, frequency, and intelligence
 Combat enemies on an epic scale with hordes of enemies attacking your base
 Distinctive nemesis' that problem particular abilities and administration
 Fortify your base and lay out traps
 Full management over your financial system, assign models to farms, agriculture, forests and mines
 Construct massive cities, maintain your financial system
 Recruit massive armies to dominate your foes
 Defend your Capitol
 Defend your self from armies and hordes that develop repeatedly stronger and require extra tactical maneuvers to beat
 New Skirmish mode: Combat one of many 5 iconic enemies in a Skirmish
 New Enemy Items: Over 17 totally different faction-specific models with distinctive strengths and weaknesses.
 Hostile Camps: Destroy battle encampments to achieve gold and weapons.

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