MORTAL KOMBAT 11 ULTIMATE “John Rambo” Trailer (2020) Kombat Pack 2, PS5

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MORTAL KOMBAT 11 ULTIMATE "John Rambo" Trailer (2020) Kombat Pack 2, PS5
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Comment (35)

    1. I’m 40 now. And I get offended everytime youngsters doesn’t know who rambo is, or He-Man or Conan, or any of these world class Heroes…

      My kids will surely know who these guys are before they turn 18.

  1. They really need to get Ash from Evil Dead in these games. He has 2 unique weapons in the double barrel and the chainsaw arm that would make great Fatalities. Maybe even a Necronamicon fatality. Not to mention that he looks like a badass and could throw in one liners before you perform a special move.

    1. Not me he doesn’t fit MK whatsoever and Sylvester Stallone is a bad actor… XD


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