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WHAT'S IN THE PLAYSTATION 5 ? What's contained in the console {hardware} ?
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    1. @Ian no one has had full access to the console, the Japanese YouTubers who saw it only had access to it for an hour and a half and weren’t even allowed to touch the console. But I am hopeful, I really want the ps5 to be quiet because the sound is my biggest problem with ps4.

  1. So now we know the Ps5 is a Rush job a mix of last gen and modern tech there we’ll be a high failure rate much like the Xbox 360 buyer beware

    1. Ray Pen he is talking about the heat sink you imbecile🤣. the Liquid metal is what transfers the heat out of the processor and into the heat sink faster and more efficiently than the regular paste they used in the series X. You must be some kind of new stupid🤣🤣🤣

    2. Ray Pen its doesn’t beat it, it obliterates it🤣. There is nothing that transfer heat more efficiently than liquid metal. Even the PC guys are amazed that Sony was able to engineer such a marvelous cooling system.


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