MONSTER HUNTER “Rathalos & Diablos” Trailer (Action Movie, 2020)

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MONSTER HUNTER "Rathalos & Diablos" Trailer (2020) Monster Hunter Film
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Comment (27)

    1. Dude, they’re just going to Resident Evil it. God, those movies made a lot of money, although it sucked a lot for the fans.

    1. …it’s made by her husband. Wtf do you expect? Have you seen his resident evil abortions? He should be locked up for fraud.

  1. WTF is this manipulative convincing type of trailer wtf, that girl with he Bow and Arrow looked somewhat decent, but just the fact that Husband and Wife are the main people gives me zero hope, but i won’t truly know until i see it. What does it matter if the Monsters look exactly like the game, Nemesis looked freaking cool in the movie and it was still terrible.

  2. They’re really trying to convince fans, which admittedly I am not, but I’ve been a fan of enough things to know that this trailer is trying too hard.

  3. The military gear threw me off with the first teaser but seeing the other characters in true monster hunter costumes makes me hopeful

  4. He’s made one good film, Event Horizon. Why is he still aloud to make movies and why does he always put his sub par wife as the main character? Why can’t we just have new actors set in the world of MH World? That would be perfect. Hollywood is now and forever will be garbage.

  5. “in making the film MONSTER HUNTER writer/director Paul W.S Anderson sat down multiple time with the game creators to dial in the look of the monsters” and did not listen to a damn thing they had to say about the world of monster hunter and said “yeah we going resident evil style with this”

  6. Ah typical Capcom stuff. Just like Resident Evil, they use the same heroine and have to make it somehow “original”


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