10 HARDEST Trophies That Have ZERO GUIDES

Many video games have difficult achievements and trophies, however some are full mysteries or unbeatable.
Listed below are the guide-less trophies – no assist for you!
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  1. I’ll give-up on a hidden trophy, & just reveal the trophy info; but only to find out it’s not even directly telling me what to do, rather a riddle; yup, hardest trophies.

  2. I’m currently the only person who has 100% on Botolo which is this obscure indie fighting sport game. Had to send the developer a message on twitter to find out the way to get the rarest achievement which required you to press a certain code in the main menu to unlock a map and beat an AI on the highest difficulty on that map.

  3. I just got the “Quiet Neighborhood” achievement today in terraria while just going down my hellevater. Looked it up and could not find a guide. It has a 0.1% collection on steam.

    1. @Lautaro Reinoso My GUESS: have no monsters near you. IE move so far away from every currently spawned monster that they despawn and do it fast enough that tno monsters spawn near you. Just a guess.

  4. For all of you trophy hunters out there i feel your pain. Online achievements should be separated from singleplayer and from getting the platinum.

    1. Online achievements really are a pain; it’s damn near impossible if online Services aren’t even active.

    2. Online achievements shouldn’t be a thing at all. They should take the form of tasks contained within the multiplayer mode itself, like unlockable equipment.

    1. Exactly. The ONLY reason I don’t have GTA 5 platinumed is because I don’t have the time to go assemble a perfect heist crew to complete all the online heists in the game flawlessly.

    1. Fectors challenge is indeed brutal but I assure you, it can be done 😊 took me 2+ years playing off and on to finally nab this trophy. There is a couple good video guides out there to at least help you with gameplay techniques, but a good run comes down to the RNG gods blessing you with good item and coin drops. Keep trying! Eventually u will get it 🙂

    2. I have most of the trophies except for policulture (still dont know what i’m missing), and the prairie king ones

    3. @TyphoonZebra you are fine, that’s the point of the game, you can find the mini game at the saloon tho if you wanna see it, I only found out about it because of the trophy.

    1. Lol and the exploit has been fixed. I never even won first place once, granted I stopped playing after a few days casually playing it. My friend got the plat for it though so it’s not impossible.

  5. DMC5’s Hell and Hell isn’t that bad. All the enemies are on Son of Sparta difficulty but you die in one hit. On Dante Must Die mode, all the enemies get super buffed which makes getting S ranked a lot harder.

    1. Yeah Hell and Hell is more of a different but still pretty hard challenge. I would say S ranking on DMD is harder mostly on missions 10, 12, and 18 since you basically need the no hit bonus to S rank those because of their awkward scoring on top of the tougher enemies.

    2. This is incorrect, sure HaH is easier than DMD if you only count to beat the difficulty but for S rank HaH is the hardest since getting hit just once will prevent the S rank (except in certain mission) nevertheless BOTH difficulty are hard as fck to S rank

  6. Let’s give the bois sum PTSD Flashbacks real quick:
    “AMAZING, now THATS how you run The Pit, go regroup with your team or go back in and try it again”

    If you know you know

  7. Halo Reach has “if only they could hear me beg”, and last time I checked, there was no consensus on the exact timing. there are videos and discussions, but some people say stuff like “oh, you need to hold down the sprint button” while others say the opposite

    at least it was like this for the XBOX 360 version, don’t know about PC

    1. If the PC version is based off of the Master chief collection version there’s a good chance that they removed the achievement but I’m not on PC so I don’t know for sure

  8. Guitar Hero III would have fit perfectly on this one, so many achievements that require nothing but pure skill. you can’t teach skill in a guide…

    1. @MikeySmash13 for average players they find V to be the easiest then Nero then Dante. for vetrans of the game they struggle with nero xD or v but NEVER with dante. i mean you can literally get an S on all difficulties without being hit ONCE and without a single weapon. thats how OP dante is if ur good with him.

    1. I do too, its luck based, and it depends on the weather conditions which can force you to wait days, and it depends on building up your gold clubs to max power…but once all that is done, you can knock it out in one night of trying over and over. In that vein, the game doesn’t tell you any of this is necessary, but plenty have posted the info online.

  9. I can’t believe someone written a guide for man of Medan. Still can’t get that black frame collectible in glamour girl 🙁


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