10 Secret Rooms You Weren’t Supposed To Find

Many video video games have secret areas and rooms that the developer didn't need you to search out. Listed here are a number of the coolest examples.
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    1. @CultofBush While I agree, that one should spell “supposed” with a “d” at the end in this context, the fact remains that English is a descriptive language. Whatever you write ist correct als long as others understand what you meant. Once enough people adopt an altered spelling that becomes the new norm. The opposite would be a prescriptive language like German, where a central organisation (the “Rat für deutsche Rechtschreibung”) decides, what the proper spelling is. (By the way. My punctuation is all over the place. That’s where my English probably lacks the most.)

    2. @Dogs and Gooses forever tbf you were wrong about it being ‘suppose’ but @CultofBush did go a little over the top with it hahaha

  1. YouTubers: wow we found this mysterious room in this game it looks very important

    Game Devs: yeah so that room was just a joke but when we tried to change it or delete it everything breaks

  2. What about Batman Arkham Asylum? There was a secret room of Quincy Sharp’s secret office. The fun fact is the room was so well hidden that “RockSteady” the devs themselves showed where it’s located. It’s basically the plans to relocate and build a city for criminals.

    1. I was gonna mention that too, but they did want the players to find it as they had started development of Arkham City a few months before Asylum released. Nobody found it, so they had to announce it via a video through an anonymous YT account.

    2. But didn’t rocksteady *want* people to find it hence why they had to announce it? It’s just they hid it *too* well.

    1. @TheBlueKnight it’s a portal reference. In Portal 2, the founder of Aperture Labratories, Cave Johnson, often talks negatively about the rivaling science company, Black Mesa. (As half-life and portal take place in the same universe)

  3. Secret rooms you weren’t suppose to find list.

    First entry: here’s a room with a reward because we fully expected you to find this.

    1. i got into the 2nt’s one with out the skill points before. might not work that way in the trilogy but back when i was playing the first copies of the game. I got into it by jumping off a rail that would take you to the bolt trader in a city. that then lead you in a glichy part of the game and the end had the always working teleporter. there is another teleporter (in the same level) that i some how got to work in some given time of the game going back to it at a later point like near the end or something. might have been time based though. but at no point had i got all the skill points to get this to work lol. AND YA THE PLACES ARE FUN AS HECK IF YOU LIKE CHECKING ALL THE WACKY TEST STUFF!.

  4. I once knew a mapper in CS GO who would get a little extra practice by hiding a secret porn room in every map he made.

  5. “weird floating cubes”
    I believe those are called books. Not that falcons would need to learn how to read, though.

    1. See the 9 mistakes in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla story trailer on Pug Tech Tips. Graphical downgrades like GTA Sanadress.

    1. Saaame it’s one of those games I played as a kid and for the life of me could not remember the name of, but seeing it brought some things back

    2. I remember this game I had a choice to get Sonic or Zombies ate my neighbours. I still think I made the right choice lol

  6. Falcon: the man who never says ‘game’ the same way twice in a row.

    1. Game
    2. Gemm
    3. Gehhm
    4. Gehhum

  7. I have the randy savage dragon mod that replaces the roar with “oh yeah” and my dumbass got another mod where I could have a mini dragon as my companion little did I know those 2 mods worked really well together because it changed my companion to a mini savage that just constantly saying oh yeah

  8. The only Secrets that people weren’t suppose to find are the developer rooms for Fallout and Elder Scrolls. The rest of the secrets were just that hidden secrets.


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