5 Most Ambitious Games That Were Never Released [Part 2]

Persevering with our sequence rating thrilling video games that had been both cancelled or disappeared. Learn extra by way of the sources beneath.
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  1. “There are still some people that are positive about the game”
    The positive review: “Game is so buggy, even my review is wrong.”

  2. ‘The Agency’ is pretty high on my list. It was a spy MMO that sounded pretty cool on paper. It even got some extended gameplay footage but never released.

    1. That one is maybe on the list in Part 1 of this video. They made one video before about this topic, but I cannot remember games that they listed there.

  3. I’m glad people are finally getting coverage on Chronicles of Elyria. It was devastating what the devs did. They didn’t even try. Just lead with false promises…..

    1. True Bethesda released there games but there either A buggy messes or B not delivering there promises either, yes there is always one of me who likes to have a little fun not my problem someone like you can’t take a joke

    1. It’s enough to get the attention of a larger publisher. If they can show the seed money, they may be able to get additional funding.

    1. @gpgrocker I noticed the April thing too.
      I think gameranx is just tired of writing good scripts and is just pumping out easy content.

      I don’t blame them as I still watch it, but yea some major mistakes made here.

    2. If you watch the rest of the entry, he says that the ORIGINAL version is what never released. The game we got is from a completely different studio with lots of different stuff.

      TLDR: Metal Gear Solid Rising was what the entry was about. Metal Gear Rising Revengence is what was released.

    3. @Nathen Drake 392 Yea exactly. But it seems like kind of a stretch to point out what a game could have been, when there is a complete version that you have played.

      It’s a striking to me. I realize it’s not a mistake per se, but rather a poor judgement call for a video trying to capture games that were never released.

  4. Question: So when games that are crowd funded get canceled do they give the fans refunds? or what happens to the money?

    1. @Takoshi Hitsamaru Me too, the point i’m making is the whole ideal of crowd funding is vague and not abiding laws. When your money go to their hands it’s consider gone, nothing dictate that they must fullfill their promises or give anything back to their backers ( most of them do give back something because they want to show good will, but they don’t have to )
      So don’t rely on law and generally stay away from it. I personally don’t trust that system, even if the devs is passionate and care about that game it’s still up in the air and have chance to fail and waste a bunch of money. Still there are many good game come out of it because good people exist 🙂

    2. @Takoshi Hitsamaru the whole point of crowd funding is that they need money make game so they pitch in ideal and ask ppl for hand out. You are not investing in anything, you give them money by your own free will to back a project that may or may not complete and there are no promise that it will complete or any return profit or benefits except what they personally give you, you even have to buy the game when it’s release in many case. It’s a donation so i don’t think you can get refund from that. The only thing you can do to prevent scamming is do your research, check back ground and the possibility of the project and not throw money on any pipe dream.

    3. ​@knell18897You’re talking like I’ve ever donated any money to literally anything in my life, which I have not (ok, that’s extreme, I’ve given change to a guitar player).

      I think that’s a really flawed system, Kickstarter/Patreon etc are all supposed to be about you putting money towards something that interests you, to help fund its creation. You are usually rewarded for your contribution. That is the point of “funding” otherwise you’d just be handing out money for no reason. It’s nonsensical, and while I believe that people who fund these things are…Either very wealthy, or are schmucks, I still wouldn’t condone the businesses who profit of what is obviously a very fast and loose approach to fundraising project management.

  5. lesson to be learned from this list. don’t back MMO on Kickstarter, unless they have a proven track record (i.e. another MMO that they developed already and you can play).

    1. The biggest problem with AAA scale MMORPGs is the fact that they are extremely expensive to develop and completely funding them just through Kickstarter is simply impossible.

  6. These games on Kickstarter that plan on making huge open world games with a couple hundred thousand they raised will never happen. A couple hundred thousand, even a million or two, isn’t enough to make a game like that. If it was established studios would be doing it left and right. That would be a crazy return on investment.

    1. @Chris Korol because it is like that? Not talking only about game industry. All jobs are paid less compared to USA in general.

    2. D’oh Nuts most of the time, the developers are hoping that the development done under kickstarters leads to a big developer coming in and throwing its weight behind it. Which makes the original team allot of money, it’s happened before. But it’s rare.

    3. @D’oh Nuts Well as any big project, it’s not easy to do. It’s not always about funding. Even when a big publisher/studio backs something and invests a ton of money doesn’t mean that it’s going to be done or that it’s going to be good.

    1. Scalebound looked cool but didn’t seem super ambitious like I’m not even sure why they couldn’t have finished it it looked par for the course to me.

    2. @Marky 360 check the video titled : “What Happened, Scalebound”

      It was a weird time for platinum, and they were working on alot of other games during development.

    3. @majortom331
      Yea they were working on Bayo 3 at the time I think or maybe Bayo 2 and Nier Automata back when it was a PlayStation exclusive. So they basically had the exclusive projects for each system under way and the only one not to launch was Xbox’s exclusive game lol.

  7. The first game I thought was like 5 years old. The style just feels old. Not expecting it to be a 2020 game
    Gimme prey 2 galactic bounty hunter

    1. Yeah SC hurts. I was super hopeful even with it sounding too good to be true. I really believe they’re trying but they just have taken on too much I think. And I really don’t like Chris Roberts answers when asked about the timeline.


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