Top 10 NEW FREE GAMES of 2020

Searching for some free video games to play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Change? Listed here are a number of the greatest free video games from 2020.
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#10 Rogue Firm


Launch Date: TBA 2020

#9 Spellbreak


Launch Date: September 3, 2020

#eight Haunted PS1 Demo Disc

Platform: PC

#7 Unlucky Spacemen

Platform: PC

Launch Date: June 2020

#6 Gridiron

Platform: PC

Launch Date: 24 July, 2020

#5 HyperScape

Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE

Launch Date: August 11, 2020

#four Phantasy Star On-line 2

Platform: PC NA: Might 27, 2020 WW: August 5, 2020 (PS4 PS Vita Change)

Launch Date: Xbox One April 14, 2020

#Three Genshin Impression

Platform: PC PS4

Launch Date: September 28, 2020

#2 Name Of Obligation Warzone

Platform: March 10, 2020

Launch Date: PC PS4 XBOX ONE

#1 Valorant

Platform: PC

Launch Date: June 2, 2020



Platform: PC

Launch Date: 24 July, 2020

Store Titans

Platform: PC

Launch Date: 5 Might, 2020

Bleach: Courageous Souls

Platform: PC

Launch Date: 18 August, 2020

Warframe: Coronary heart of Deimos

Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Change

Launch Date: 25 August 2020

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Comment (88)

    1. Among trees is a good one the art style alone is good enough to carry the game but the relaxing atmosphere it carries just makes me wonder why it isn’t a bonus on this list

    1. @Bald Gremlin it was a joke. 😂
      But I wouldn’t be shocked if someone one of these days say “First, in Canada”

  1. I really like spell break and see a lot off potential, I hope it really gets more fluid movement and keeps getting better. It’s like Harry Potter battle royale 😂

    1. Spellbreak is so good and refreshing, also very skill based. I love the movements mechanics, another great BR these days is Hyperscape, that game is awesome.

    2. Big Beard bro please play Spellbreak and make up ure own mind. I love it if you love magic you’ll have tons of fun and want to play it everyday

  2. I’m so happy to see Unfortunate Spacemen get some more attention. The game’s awesome and This random person on YT would definitely recommend trying it out.

  3. I started genshin impact the other day, and i cant put it down. Trying different fighters, and how they pair with the rest of your party is addicting. Unfortunately the gottcha mechanics limit how quickly you can actually get the new characters. Still though im really enjoying it a lot.

    1. Until u reach like ar 35 in a week and run out of content cause the resin cost for dungeons is extremely ridiculous

    2. I love the game too. Even if I can’t play the new characters immediately, I do like how good I can get with the base characters, the combat, the story, the scenery, and even the cooking mechanic is good! It’s just…how is this free?! I’d pay for this!!

  4. I like how while explaining most of these battle royal type games, you can hear his voice get more and more stagnant and bored like, “Oh…another…eh…it’s…good…”

  5. How is genshin impact like GTA if you’d explain that to me? It’s like the complete opposite of GTA except that both got multiplayer lol

    1. @Vynster Duh no he has a point, they literally named one of the regions in genshin “Los santos”. you also drive cars later on in the game

    2. actually the best comparison genshin is like Breath of the wild… with a lot of adventure … puzzles… and quests just like BOTW.

    1. @BinaryGreen did you even play a cod 7 years ago? Its niche has not changed people may say it has but it hasn’t its why i haven’t bought any (besides MW) since AW. Nvm rant stops at this b4 another tangent.

    1. @Ayashkant-XI-B-12 maybe he compared the coop aspect. Most gtao missions can be done solo except a few. GI is more single player focused even tho coop is there.

    1. unfortunately it was ruined by the fact that co-op/multiplayer is non existant. What made me come to comments is that he said that it “can be played singleplayer” while the game is fully focused on singleplayer. Unless i’m missing something about the games’ multiplayer.

    2. @stormy day Yeah i know there is “multiplayer”, but it’s bad. No rewards for your friends, they can’t interact with anything, and also you can’t have your characters if you got friends playing. Overall a bad experience for “multiplayer”

    3. Yeah I looked at the description before watching the video and saw it there lol. Usually this channel puts the list in the description…just a heads up.

    4. @T3hPr0z you have to get to adventurer rank 16 then you unlock multiplayer option. can get your friends into your party and go explore and dungeon crawl

  6. I hesitated for the longest time with Genshin Impact, but holy moly is it refreshing to play something non-western and what I hoped FFXV would be.

    1. @Berry Best I think I know what you mean, that’s chapter 13 and it was so slow. Worst part of the game by far. Unecessary horror and no good explanation for losing powers, only to then gain the ring which is op. So dumb.

    2. It’s funny you mention FFXV, because both games suffer from useless stamina restrictions, at least in FFXV, it can be skipped.

    1. @Silver Solver I remember Batman Arkham Asylum had a downloadable demo . I could play it on my old PC with a P4 CPU , an evga 7800 GS AGP video card and 4gb of ddr ram . Then , when it launched , it was a no-go ! Sub 20fps was the norm . Had to build a new PC , with the latest Intel dual-core processor. High tech CPU back then….

    2. Don’t it though ? Lord , I remember playing the crap out of the demo disc that came with the PS1 . I think I wore it out before the kids got the system for Christmas …. lol . Also called in sick from work a few times to “test” the console ….

    3. Even better, in later years—00s I guess—they used to release downloadable demos so you could test if the game worked with your PC.
      There were a lot of devs/pubs back then for whom we the players were a priority.

    1. @RudyTheNinja lets just assume he is sharing his opinion. Case closed. Dont have an stroke about a ‘top 10’ vid.

    2. @Mustafa Zaman This made me laugh x’D
      The top three were kinda yikes
      But he might just b going by the numbers or stats

  7. I remember finding spellbreak a while ago and playing it and being really good because there weren’t any other people, and then I stopped playing for like a week and when I got back I was being ripped apart by pros wondering how I got so bad in the space of a week.

    1. That’s why I stopped playing battle Royales the community just gets so competitive and makes it impossible to win if you are just playing casually

    2. @I have to wait 90 days to change my name again thats why they added skill based matchmaking. Yeah its not perfect but its still possible to win casually. Also, you cant complain about losing when you are playing casually while everyone else plays competitively. Yeah it might have watered down the experience but if you want to win so bad, you would play competitively


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