PS5 vs XBOX SERIES X: Free Graphics Upgrades EXPLAINED

PS5/Xbox Sequence X upgrades and backwards compatibility are higher than the earlier era, nevertheless it's nonetheless sophisticated. Listed below are some particulars.
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    1. @PeugeotRocket keep in mind I actually disagree you’re talkin about the guy who’s the president of that company he had a lot of say in the purchase enough for him to even get a deal that paid him extra money for staying on board for 5 years and allowing Bethesda games do continue to self publish that doesn’t really sound like something that happens if you have no say

    2. @Ways I See that would be very funny but to my understanding Bethesda’s actually still going to self-publish their games

    1. @KodaKomp i play on both pc and ps4 I stomp pc lobbys on ps4 on apex and cod not hard at all, but the 144hz makes a huge difference on pc, smoothness helps

    2. @superheronebil you know it’s bs too bc pc players are buying the next gen version and I bet it’ll look no different than the ps4 version. At least maybe a little better but that’s to be expected w/ pc

    1. Just my opinion but I thought that game would have been kool with duke as main character the things he could say while slaying monsters

    1. Next year gta online is gonna be free with ps plus on ps5 but with only online which is fair because lets be honest who would want to play the story mode again

    1. Of course they always could. They’d just rather milk the teet dry. I waited and picked the game up on Steam about a month ago for 30 dollars complete.

    1. From what I understand (and this depends on how you pre-ordered it) you will get the PS4 version of the game
      On digital I know for sure however not so sure about the disk based PS5 version

  1. Eh I’m skeptical as hell with everything that will go on with both systems. Nothing ever runs smoothly with new systems so expecting a lot of flaws and errors.

    1. @Errol Delos Santos well only if you call a 2080 super weak, it’s more powerful then that and even further ahead in technology.

    2. @Lynnie Lynnie you’re being salty as hell just because I said console is still
      Weak haha I just want u to me prove me wrong instead of attacking me personally haha

  2. it was actually proven that 505 or most likely the the publisher pulled a scummy move and anti consumer move with colterol saying it was “impossible” to get next gen upgrade besides for the ultimate edition when its the exact same as the deluxe but with next gen upgrade and they accidently gave some people who had the deluxe an upgrade to the ultimate edition but soon after reversed it. they got caught lying. surprise you didnt know about this at all or mention anything about it.

    1. @Jon Prz thats because it is. and i get it they are in for the profit and most company are like that but still it doesnt make it right

  3. I kind of wish gamers that were born in the 2000’s could’ve experienced the jump from the 5th to the 6th generation in terms of graphics. It was mind blowing. While this generation improves graphics most of the focus is in frame rates and higher resolutions with some ray tracing. It’s very nice of course.

    1. Seems like a good chunck of people not knowing or being aware of the leap from 2D games to 3D games.
      Yes, graphics get prettier, more colors, more resolution and such… but I think the leaps are more where technology alters the way we play games. Going from 8-bit to 16-bit, was prettier, but not really a leap. Going from 16-bit to 32–bit, now that opened things up for new ways of playing and experiencing games. The last view generations have been more about details in games or social connection. Nice yes, but I don’t consider that a leap.
      This generations leap I thought, is being able to go from 3D games to VR games, because it alters the way you play and experience games. I’m glad I have been there the whole gaming journey, so I can enjoy games for what they are and what they went throug to get to here, even if a game is being bashed by nitpickers.

    2. @Eddie Marshall bro I still want a 360,greatest console ever so many split screen games single players my God I missed out I was so broke,I got the wii and the gamecube had the ps2 and ps4 but I’m sticking with the series x now and getting my modded 360

    3. I played GameCube until around 2009 and then got an Xbox 360 for halo 3. I never had an Xbox and ps2 so I didn’t really see it as an upgrade, just a different experience. The switch to Xbox one blew my mind with mediocre but very pretty games like NFS Rivals and Ryse.


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