CYBERPUNK 2077 “Vehicles” Trailer (4K Ultra HD)

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CYBERPUNK 2077 "Automobiles" Trailer (4K Extremely HD)
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Comment (27)

  1. 1:52 Kaukaz means Caucasus in Polish, but the model of this car (Bratsk) is named after a Russian city. Why not call this manufacturer Kavkaz instead? Kavkaz is the Russian word for Caucasus.

  2. Hmm, will there be any warfare vehicles like tanks or APCs? For story plot wise or gameplay wise? Other than that, the vanilla vehicles looks pretty good 👌

  3. Porsche is finally making deals with the right publishers.
    I would love to see more original cars or at least fictional cars from our time, even if the ones in CP2077 were over 50 or 100 years old.


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