PS5 User Interface, Home Screen, Menus: 10 BIGGEST Changes

The PS5 menu, UI, retailer, and chat/associates options have lastly been revealed. Right here's every part we discovered, and the most important adjustments from PS4.
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  1. Imagine getting stuck on a level and then have a friend boot up the game and show you how to get past it by sharing his screen with you

    1. @Anti Sora exactly its going to be in real time too and you can show your friend the screen also and he can tell you what your doing wrong i dont understand how people are downplaying this

  2. Looks pretty good, of course it’s probably gonna feel different actually using it vs watching someone else use it.

    1. @4TH 19TH dude, doesn’t matter if it’s like smart tv ui. It’s an improvement over ps4, that alone automatically makes it cool

    2. yeah mainly because we have to get used to it while they are the ones who made it and know every which way of the UI

    3. Lmao.
      It’s literally how every modern Smart TV UI.
      I’m not saying this in a bad way rather. I’m just getting pissed off that people say this is very “cool”.

    4. I was just thinking ” I hope the whole thing doesn’t crash” the PS4 can do some stuff but being able to do something is one thing while doing it well is a separate affair altogether, really hope it’s smooth as it looks.

    1. Idk how i feel about it. I love it of course but i also think, do i really want yet another screen within my screen while looking at a small screen in my hand which has a split screen for my multiple activities im running as well.lmao.its just such an overload, not on its own but when you put it in the context of our digital culture. How much more real estate does our attention span have? Lmfao.

  3. I like the UI but being the natural loner that I am will probably never use most of these features. Kudos to the people who do though.

    1. I would use the screen share on fps games.. Damn.. That would be like cheating.. But it would defntly give you an edge

  4. Does anyone else want a party update that allows you to turn down your friends audio? I have a group of 5 and theres always one who’s audio is too loud! With a barking dog and a ps4 with a jet engine in it. I would love to be able to turn him down. I can’t turn down the whole party cause everyone else would be too quiet

    1. Xbox just recently built that feature in not to long ago but it would be great if every platform had that option because its a godsend trust me from personal experience as an xbox main lol

    1. @sai venkat dude when you try to find 2 or 3 hours a item or something like its get really boring then this Feature is very useful and i think you watch many toutorials on youtube for games so its a faster and better version.

    1. @Gibbypastrami I mean, if you trigger voice commands everything coming out of the speaker should mute untill the AI does the thing, just like Sony does with their 1000XM series headphones.

    2. @Anti Sora THIS! just, voice commands in general need to be developed on, and you just, can’t use voice commands if you’re in a party, although that may be a legality thing, listening in on peoples conversations without permission, although, if its in the terms of service, then I’m sure they could get around it

    3. @Glyn Keegan what about you telling it to make a party and invite some of your friends while you still playing? Or ask it to download a game from the store and prompt the keyboard to put the password? Or ask it to redownload a game?

    1. @Hayden Coury see this is like ps4 ui ok they show that cuz they were playing sack boy before the vid then they started then they legit launched into game directly they didn’t go to home screen just directly into game then they show control center that was on ps4 they called it quick menu

    2. @Ethan123 Ps5 Ui is definitely more clear seeing the home screen is in 4K while Xbox has confirmed their home screen is 1080p.

  5. Can’t wait to spend 5 minutes trying to get the voice recognition to figure out my confused accent every time I am too lazy to type. Not sarcastic. The worst thing about typing with a ps4 controller is the fact I keep hitting the touch pad

    Edit: changed the “you” to “I”. I guess I’m just weird

    1. Just get the ps messages app on your phone. Way easier and better than navigating a keyboard with a fricken controller.

    2. @Christian Hilliard it will occasionally happen to me, but not enough for it to be a problem, so don’t know how this guy is using the controller.

  6. As long as the PSstore is more stable, the trophies have a tracker to know how far you are from getting it like the Xone and of course that I can play completely offline I’m all good, honestly I’m so weird I really dislike playing connected to the internet I always turn it off.

  7. The share screen feature is soo useful. Imagine your stuck in some part of the game. You ask your friend (who owns the same game and completed it) to show you how to get pass that part of the level while you p.ay it. He shows the way and you followed where he went on the screen. Its basically an alt way of the watching a guide while playing .

    1. @Sunny Burrito join communitys that are big and always have partys they’re really helpful and nice most of the time

  8. All of these features are very good if you have friends but to me seeing that i have none it’s a hard pass for me, but to those who’s got a community to play with go wild.

    1. Why do people who game alone worry about missing out on ‘features’? IF you game alone, the only thing you need to worry about is the games. What more do you expect from a game console as an individual? You really have no need for these new features if you never intended on using them in the first place. Gaming has progressed as an online multiplayer experience, its your choice to be aboard the train or not but you cant complain as it pulls away.


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