Sony reveals PS5's new person interface and homescreen, we received our arms on an Xbox Sequence X, Phasmophobia takes over Steam, and extra in every week stuffed with gaming information.


Gamestop getting Xbox cash:


Bioshock director’s new sport


Miles Morales gameplay (through gameinformer)

Doom on a fridge

PlayStation doc:

Halloween fan movie:

Vide sport preservation:

Cyberpunk automobiles (the place’s the Delorean?!)-

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  1. GameStop is gonna end up being Microsoft’s gaming answer to Apple stores. I’m betting eventually they will have windows powered gaming PCs there before long.

    1. @Raven your joking right the ps5 is using 5+year old tech the ONLY advantage it has is load times which 90% of the time will be useless and save u 1/2 a second

    2. They’ll probably just market the Series S ($300 is honestly nothing for most people) or gamepass (for pc and or console). Both of which Playstation owners could easily see a desire to get (especially if they also own pc and just want the gamepass for pc).

    3. @arif mohammed if you want to buy the disc ps5 version its better to buy the xbox x if u want power cuz its got better stats

    4. @arif mohammed he means with the same cost- i do not think someone can build a pc desktop with the same features at the same price in each region.

    1. Actually. No they don’t. Gamestop is doing fine. From what I’ve learned. Is that they are closing stores and reopening them in new locations.

  2. GameStop tried to screw me over on my wages when I was a kid by the manager punching me out making me avoid overtime… Coincidently as a type one diabetic I just had this terrible low blood sugar incident at work one day and accidentally forgot to ring everybody up. GameStop got really upset and tried to sue me. I was able to countersue and get over a years worth of wages because of the wonderful state of California. Remember kids, it’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to corporations.

    1. When i was like 19 i walked out on my first day after less than an hour. Its so painful to work there even here on the East coast fam.

    2. @Basement created Supanuva Yeah, the cities definitely have their problems, such as homelessness and high living costs. Its especially bad in San Francisco and LA. But there’s still a lot to do there. I live in Sacramento, a major city but not at the scale of San Francisco. I can’t complain about living here.

  3. This isn’t going to Help GS. Their employees need new training, and the entire Trade/Used Life Cycle needs to be revamped for customer care and benefit

    1. Now that Microsoft has a stake in Gamestop anything gamestop employees do poorly will hurt their reputation. They have a LOT of incentive to correct the employees behavior

    2. Shut up Karen, employees are people too just trying to make a living and it’s not their fault they have to enforce shitty policies. Your comment about policies reminded me about that one episode from spongebob when that dying fish is crawling into the Krusty Krab saying “food…water…atmosphere”. Is that what you want? Atmosphere? To be catered to.

      That’s what you are. The atmosphere fish.

      Anyways, you’re absolutely right man, the trade/used game system is atrocious and needs to be overhauled where it’s actually good for the customer

    3. Might not help GS but will help MS. GS more likely to offer xbox at cheaper prices, undercutting competitors and ps5 because they know the loss they made with machine sales will be recuperated easily with digital games sales

    4. Yup but ms is actually starting to turn around and focus on that as well i think with them changing and making adjustments to how the in store experience will be different as well as online.

    1. Guy loves that genre simply to much. Doesn’t like theme anymore, but can’t let go of the core gameplay.

      Looks like we about to get another city with another tower lol.

    1. @VulLord666 the only reason nintendo and sony succeeded because microsoft never took gaming seriously as a business but now microsoft is going to easily crush small players like sony and focus their attention on bigger threat like amazon and google

    1. I actually do; it really depends on multiple factors. Even if GS partners with Microsoft, some countries are more PS fond than others and you cannot convince people otherwise.


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