XBOX SERIES X: 10 TESTS We Ran For 10 Days [4K]

Microsoft despatched us an Xbox Sequence X. Listed below are some first impressions and a few cool issues we did with it.
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    1. Can someone change jake baldino. He is so bitter. Let him talk his playstation. And realize how different approach he will talk about.

    2. @Kitty Kitty Peow Peow wait for christmas there might be discounts or special packs which cost less in hindsight

  1. Take minecraft, make a super flat world entirely out of TNT, make one layer out of redstone blocks turn the render distance all the way up. That is how to find the highest temperature that the console can reach.

    1. @Mason R. ikr, console framerates should be locked but instead were getting massive frame drops, and UI is the worst, I really loved the legacy ui where everything are really organized, the worst thing is the old option, I don’t always want Infinite worlds, the old option is just really tiny with one biome type no villages no end portal, they’re forcing us to go all on infinite worlds.

    2. @Joojood I’m just upset by how bad Bedrock feels compared to the console editions. It’s not optimized for console at all… flying on creative mode, the UI, all horribly worse than the XB1 Edition.

    1. Trust me, lol why tf does Fortnite load Waaay faster than GTA 5 but GTA 5 has probably the slowest loading time

  2. 1:18 you said phone….but I think you mean TABLET. Geeezzz !!! That “phone” is friggin Huuuuuge booiiiii Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic

  3. The small size for expansion is cool. Seem like the memory card from ps2 days, remembering taking those cards to a friends house.

  4. Remember that’s the launch price for the SSD. NAND flash has been consistently dropping in price for years, and more usage will accelerate that.

    1. @Marcus Lightbody and also with an NVME enclosure and such it still may be possible with say USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 to use DirectStorage – it will be very game and usage dependant. I think both companies will have third party versions regardless, but the implementation variation of said solutions depends on things like port speed/bandwidth, game utilization and liscensing expense, complication and more

    2. @Marcus Lightbody not drives. Ports. The USB ports on the Xbox are higher spec, last I read. Which if the PS5 ones are 3.0 or slower connecting an SSD, even SATA will bottleneck it especially for Random IOPs.

    3. @Manjushri Sony actually have the faster USB drives
      That’s not the point I was making though. They don’t want to run games through the USB because then you can’t make use of many of the velocity architecture features like directX storage

      I mean’t that they will likely make an adapter for the SSD port on the back to nvme connecter

    4. @Marcus Lightbody there already are USB 3.x enclosures for nvme drives, and Xbox went with fast USB drives unlike Sony

    5. @Vedant Singh the Series X can still use other SSDs. And theirs is still made of NAND flash, like all Solid State storage. So if they don’t want people just using USB 3.x NVME enclosures (which it’s great they went with fast USB unlike Sony, it matters more than you think) they’ll have to lower – aka it’s still in competition with other SSD solutions

  5. “were not digital foundry here, were not super technical, or… smart” Baldino setting the reasonable expectations 😂

    1. I think Richard and Alex are very knowledgeable and “smart” but John Linneman has said some things that have left me like “wait, what? did he just say that?”

    1. @Implecity well Miles Morales on ps5 has no loading screens not even when fast travel and that is a ps5 game. Pretty sure they can speed up the loading of ps4 games a lot faster to

    2. I think Ps5 will load things more than half if Cerny said that ps5 ssd is much faster than any high end PCs ssd it will probably be 10 or less than 10 secs for each game

    3. @Jeremiah C That’s not exactly how it works and besides backwards compatible games will load pretty much as fast as the Series X. The games would have to be built around PS5’s SSD to take advantage of that, so PS5 games only or PS5 enhanced.

  6. the quick resume sounds pretty awesome for me. I like to take breaks from playing games and surf the internet or watch a video. I also like to watch videos while grinding levels or resources in games that are easy to do without looking at the screen. the quick resume will make this a lot faster and easier. I sometimes end up getting bored with some games that require grinding levels or resources and never finish them but being able to watch netflix or animal videos on youtube whilst doing the grinding has really helped with that.

    1. @Achilleus A i know xbox is better but there is much better ps exclusives such as ghost of tsushima bloodborne you know better than me

  7. People: quick resume is useless
    quick resume: most you enter a game even after switching off the console
    People: :O….

    1. @Colin Thorne no way you’re going to boot up a game in 5 or 6 seconds. Like I said youre just finding a reason to troll. Id look into it. They really did something amazing here

    2. @K Way It doesn’t matter how they do it. I’m not trolling, it just seems to me that I think I can wait 5 maybe 6 seconds for a cold boot up. I wouldn’t require resume play. And it has to take up some of the OS space surely?

    3. @VulLord666 that’s called instant on and it’s been on Xbox one since launch. It’s not only a oneX feature. It’s possible the 360 had it too coz I remember a setting like that on mine

    4. @Colin Thorne you’re clearly not understanding what this feature does. It doesn’t use the SSD at all. Its a technology that Microsoft created for the Series X/S. I’d look more into it. Its actually really creative what they’ve done

    5. @VulLord666 You can actually pull the plug out and have no electrical source, plug it back in and your game will still be loaded.

  8. I regularly bounce between games. If I get stuck, frustrated or just bored with a section of a game, I’ll switch over to a different game in a completely different genre all the time. I’m not married to one game, It’s not my job. and the whole point of gaming is to have fun. Staring at loading screens is not fun. This is a very positive feature for someone like me.


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