5 Ray Tracing Mods That Show NEXT-GEN GRAPHICS [4K]

Ray tracing seemingly is the graphics know-how of the longer term. Fortunately, some recreation modders are already showcasing it in sensible methods.
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5. The Witcher Three Raytrace mod
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4. Batman: Arkham Knight – ReShade Ray Tracing shader mod
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3. Fallout 4 – ReShade Ray Tracing shader mod
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2. Watchdogs – Pure & Sensible Lighting for Watch_dogs
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1. GTA 5 – Realism Past Ray-Tracing Graphics mod
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  1. Just a piece of constructive criticism that nobody asked for… it’d really be great to have more detailed side-by-side footage for videos like this. Otherwise it’s really hard to notice what’s changed.

  2. Ubisoft was probably planning on releasing a “remastered” version with all of the settings turned on for consoles. LoL

    1. There is not real RT in that game. What he did to the game is just adding a couple layers of filter to increase the contrast. So, the light would be lighter and the areas that doesn’t receive light would be darker because of the contrast, not the RT. SSR was added also to make surface more reflective but it made the game darker as well. That’s why you see it a lot darker. There is no real RT in it.

    2. @E C The PS5s ssd is capable of being faster than any pc ssd available right now, key word capable. Developers have to put in the effort to use their proprietary ssd, so realistically only first party titles will really be faster than current ssds.

    3. @Safetytrousers PC gamers have used ssds for a very long time and they’re making claims that’d crush the performance of even high end ssds which at the Ps5’s price point doesn’t make much sense
      As for Nvidia, RT at most is just a couple extra shadows and reflections here and there in most games and isn’t that much of a step up from what’s already present, so it’s pretty hyperbolic at this point in time. Maybe in future it’ll be amazing, but rn, rt isn’t changing things that much

  3. I have literally 490+ hours in Batman Arkham knight… I stg the game looks the exact same (still good asf tho) if you really wanna take er to the next level, try out Nvidia Freestyle

  4. As someone who’s currently playing Arkham Knight, this mod literally does nothing
    You have to go out of your way to point out the changes which are insignificant

    1. Knight is the only Batman title I’ve never finished . After all the shite they gave the PC version , took it down . Then finally claiming they “fixed it” , but just removed SLI/Crossfire support . And it was still buggy . I have 2 1080ti in SLI (had 2 980tis when it launched) , with the second card begging for action . 4k maxed out would run so much better with both cards working…..

    2. @Christopher Smith It depends on the engine and technique used, “RTX” is just a brand name, Nvidia use their own “RT cores” to run ray tracing in “RTX” branded games but in reality you can run ray tracing on any GPU, The only difference is the performance.

    3. @Christopher Smith I’ve seen demonstration after demonstration and it’s all unimpressive
      If the ads can’t convince me then why fork over the money?

  5. ever since raytracing became a thing, i thought that would be a pretty neat fix for Skyrim’s/Fallout 4’s horrible shadow problem. It’s just nice to see this becoming real.

    1. @Sir Delta i just want it as a fix for the weird shadows that mostly appear on faces, they look like they’re baked on like some weird parallax effect or something, both games have it but Skyrim definitely is the worst offender. Not even mods that mess a bit with the lightning seem to even affect it, and i hope this ray tracing or whatever it is fixes it or maybe just help a bit.
      edit: i also think it would be good for “unflattening” the shadows too, maybe even force the mountains to cast shadows that envelop whole regions.

    2. all of these aren’t actual ray tracing though. I would like real RT, especially global illumination like in metro exodus to come to these games. it adds a lot of atmosphere.

    3. @OugaBoogaShockwave well since the Pascal Gilcher ray tracing ReShade works on both Fallout 4 and Witcher 3, i think it already works on Skyrim. But don’t count on my words because i havent used it yet ,so maybe you should see it for yourself.

    1. @Kornholic none of these mods are true raytracing. So it’s not really representing how good raytracing can look

    2. No, your eyes are just fine. Ray tracing is just overhyped and overrated.

      People make it seem like a game changer when all it does is give you more realistic lighting. The problem with that is that many games “fake” great lighting effects, so the difference is barely noticeable to most gamers. Ray tracing is definitely not worth the massive computing resources it requires.

  6. Everyone else in the comments: “These mods make no difference!”

    Me: “Damn this looks dope, wish I had a pc.”

    1. Pc is and of Course Allways is the best. Control maxed out with RT, is nextgen allready 😉
      Upcoming consoles is nothing more then a midrange pc. Nothing new, just how it works!
      That said, I will of course buy me a ps5 to compliment my pc. For the few exclusives I like, and cant get on my main plattform!

    2. @Dhashen Naidu So is in my country but I can get it for $480 not great perce, but still affordable imo. It is still cheaper then buying $3000 graphic card that it is going to be outdated by next year.

    3. @Kitsune Janx I live in South Africa and the exchange rate has bumped the reasonable 500 dollar console price up dramatically, not to mention that every store has sold out on pre-orders.

      But I hear you bro and I will be getting the ps5👌🏽been a Sony fan boy my whole life.

    1. @Toxic Whipped Cream like I said totally superficial. But for me it doesn’t work out. Cause a photorealistic graphic can look just wrong if the rest don’t have the same quality and destroy the immersion. For example rdr2. Look awesome but when I sit down on a chair the half of the clothe glitching throw it. I hate stuff like that.

    2. @Dayko it got 5 million times sold on the PS4 and with the PC market there are probably 8 million or more VR devices… if Microsoft goes as well and made their headset just as good as a Rift S, then they will sell 10 million or more.

    3. @Sebastian Berger you ever played anything with Ray-tracing? I can’t argue with the physics part, but the graphics are also a big part of a good game. The first impression you get from a game are graphics, it decides if you even have any interests in a game.

    4. To be fair VR is still very niche. Only has a few good games like Half Life Alyx and smaller stuff like beat saber or vr chat. But yeah rt is great.

  7. “You probably could’ve made up for a lot, but you DIDN’T!”

    this is how I feel about every AC game.

    1. i start to feel the only reason minecraft looks so good with raytracing is just because it looks like crap without it. It didnt have to be ray tracing if it was old school style but done well it would be basically as beautiful.

    2. Dude, these are not very good examples. Look for RDR2 or Doom ray traced and see the difference when it’s applied properly. It is the most impressive graphics technology as far as visuals go.

    3. When you actually know how to operate Reshade without only just applying a filter, you’ll be blown away by the differences. That’s what’s been done in this video, they just put the basic shader on, no tweaks so it looks underwhelming. I’ve been using Reshade for over 4 years now and I cannot play any game without it.

  8. You can’t add ray tracing to a game that doesn’t already have the capacity for it. It may “look like it” but it isn’t actual ray tracing

    1. it is ray tracing. its just a special kind of ray tracing. Its getting to the point where just saying ray tracing really isn’t helpful as there are so many off shoots of it now but to explain. This is full real path tracing global illumination but its using the depth buffer to capture only information on screen. So if youre looking at the reflection on a car you won’t see anything in it that isn’t already on screen. So you have to accept that this is what this mod is. Its a screen space full globally illuminated path tracer and its going to hit your GPU in the nuts. There isn’t anything fake about it and the idea that this is just some kind of ambient occlusion is a misunderstanding of what global illumination actually is. Ambient occlusion happens naturally as part of the path tracing. Where light doesn’t bounce it will be darker. Ambient occluded.

      Anyhoo shame you have to pay for it. I’ll wait for some future release when I’ve finally got a PC that can handle turning it all up to 11.

    2. You’re both correct. It’s not raytracing. Raytracing has to be built into the engine from the start, you can’t simply add it in with a mod. The Witcher game didn’t look right, just seemed kinda black to be honest.

  9. Witcher 3 is getting a next gen patch and I’m so stoked about it. It’s been in my backlog for a while so definitely waiting until it gets the update before I start that massive game. After Cyberpunk of course hahah.


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