For some lighthearted enjoyable, we in contrast our new Xbox Collection X to the unique Xbox (with a splash of Xbox 360 as nicely).
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  1. Like we do with every new console, we had some dumb fun stacking up the new Xbox Series X against the original Xbox (and some 360, too)

  2. the main thing the OG xbox did right was absolutely nail and cement the FPS controls with halo. i remember complaining about the golden eye controls because it was hard to look up or down…thats why no odd job

    1. @Dragon’s Breath i have yet to meet a single person say that this unheard game is what put console FPS games on the map, but you will hear countless casual and pro gamers alike say Halo is the godfather of console FPS games…

    2. @Alder dude His comment history is just a bunch of anti Xbox verbal diarrhea. He’s hating on Halo because it’s an Xbox exclusive and associated with the brand.

  3. I remember buying the OG Xbox at launch…and being really impressed…

    To play GTA San Andreas and have my music from the HDD on the radio in game ..blew my tiny 14 year old mind

    1. @Hellraiser988 I think I had the older version then so that explains why it suddenly stopped working

    2. @lanzo86 someones feelings got hurt! Lmao but this wouldnt be the first time you cried! Lmao

  4. Game consoles have come so far in the last 20 years, can you imagine another 25 to 30 years from now? Going to be mind blowing 🤯

    1. I mean proper 3D graphics only started a few console generations ago in the 90s and now we have near photorealistic games in some cases and in other cases we have not so good looking games by smaller developers. I think in the next few decades there’s not going to be as big a leap as we’ve seen previously. We might see smaller teams be able to make better looking and playing games as the development process becomes easier with better software and more students studying games development and art courses at university creating more talent.

      I just don’t think we’ll be seeing as big a jump as we’ve had so far as we started from almost nothing compared to what we have now. Right now the question being asked is where do we go next as we have incredible graphics etc.

  5. 360 all the way, had the most diverse range of games

    Seriously, it easily had the most games out of all three, plus the fact that you just put the disc in and you didn’t have to download stuff (most of the time) was a huge plus

    1. @Oscus Ehhh, I think that comes down to personal preference. I got a 360 and a Ps3 and found myself playing the 360 almost always.
      I got the Ps3 for the new Gran Turismo, and after getting bored with that game, and Uncharted, which it came with. I barely ever used the Ps3 again. It ended up sitting upstairs as a media player for the family for movies and Netflix. I also hated it’s UI compared to the 360.
      I also loved the 360s exclusives, and ended up buying most of that generation’s games for it too, and one feature I absolutely loved was the media player and how I could easily I could listen to my music in the background while playing a game. That was the most dissapointing thing the Xbox One did was get rid of the ability to do that.
      I Seriously hope the new consoles have the ability to do that again.

    2. @Jim Melton Enough of a banger to get a top down, genre shifting franchise remake. LBP disappeared after the PS3, disregarding LBP3 on the PS3/PS4 which wasn’t even made by Media Molecule, and now it has become a premier launch title exclusive for the PS5. Most Xbox franchises outside of Halo/Gears/Forza can’t say the same. Hell, none of those 3 are even launching with the XSX|XSS.

    3. @PHXNTXM Little big Planet? I wouldn’t refer to it as a banger, decent and different but not a banger by any standard.

    1. @Neelanjan Mukherji Kind of. Like, your monitor/tv could have a max refresh rate of 60 frames per second, but if you’re playing an old game that only runs at 30 FPS then you’ll be stuck playing at 30 FPS.

      Basically, refresh rate is the total amount of frames your monitor/tv can pump out every singular second, while your computer/gaming console is what actually chooses what frame rate of the game will be because it’s doing most of the computery work to make those pictures appear on your screen.

  6. I feel like consoles are getting more underwhelming each year like it’s improvement still doesn’t seem as big as ps2 to ps3 or Xbox to 360

    1. I think what’s going to be needed next is for game devs to really hit that next level of how they build their games. Hopefully with the release of the next unreal engine coming soon, we will see a huge leap in gameplay from that. Since graphics are good, it’s more of things like physics, depth to systems in game, detail, complexity, these things are what we need to improve on. Sadly most games rush to meet a deadline so they cut alot of their ideas short or out completely. I’m tired of rushed games just to earn a quick buck off of a unfinished game. Also we have yet to see a full game built off of running off a SSD instead of being built around a HD. That will also increase the detail we can add to the game due to the ability to transfer in large amounts of data into the game in real time as you play so as your moving in the game you are constantly rendering the world in and out around you on a level that you never have before.

    2. You’re right. At PS2 era, hardware were not on such high accelerated speed of development. Therefore, game development was more around creativity within the same graphic level. Yet, generation 4 should really had better graphics in my opinion..

    1. Probably not very realistic. The amount of work and money they’d need to put into a niche collectors item, they don’t even know if there’s demand for is too much. I could potentially seeing them putting the components of a series S (smallest console) in there though (nope still too niche).

    1. @Event Horizon Isn’t there 360 games on it? I only have Game Pass for PC so I don’t know. I’m not saying that it should run on the 360 if it has 360 games on it either but I think I remember seeing some 360 games on there on a video of the UI

    1. @Tobey Maguire I’ve never had any over heating issues, but yes it’s loud sometimes but they obviously addressed that on the Ps5

    2. @JSA Gaming No, it can’t. The only comparable SSD’s on the market are around $250 currently, and any comparable GPU is around $300-$350. That’s over $500 right there, then you also need a Motherboard, CPU, Memory, PSU, Case and any peripherals you would want. Gets even more expensive if you want decent cooling or a monitor that actually supports high refresh rate and/or high resolution.

      I love PC and it’s my primary platform to play games, but it’s still a premium market and the average consumer will likely get WAY more for their money on a console. At least for the next couple years until the price of the above parts drop.

    1. Same, I have owned the OG Xbox, 360, PS2, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One. However these are my prefered consoles…

      OG Xbox
      And soon I will get the PS5.

    1. I can think of a couple of reasons why they opted for this more “discrete option”, and I think I personally would agree with them.
      1) LEDs would “light up” the the “room”, which if You are a fan of “RGB” I guess might be a “Plus”. But many (like myself) would only want to be able to turn them off to avoid the “disturbing light source”.
      2) It would add cost but no “functionality”. (though we don’t know the cost of “the paint”, but I would presume that was cheaper.
      And finally, LEDs can break… and in the amounts these will (hopefully ship) they would break for a fair number of people… which leads to RMAs … and so on…
      So that’s my take on that, but “taste differs”.
      I’m personally more “”upset”” by the “stand/foot/base-plate” not being removable, so if You lay it down it just looks like it “fell over” 😉
      Best regards-

    2. That’s the 1st good thing I’ve heard about the thing. 1 less glow in the dark item to disturb the quiet of the night.

    1. They nailed the controller design, other than the using double A batteries part. Idk why Sony hasn’t moved their left analog stick. The d pad is hardly used anymore

    1. Me too, even though I had to buy 2 after the first one got a red ring. Crazy to think just how likely that was to happen after 3 years

    2. @RAIN Sync I bought two during the generation. The first one had the red ring but it was replaced by Microsoft and than I bought the Xbox 360 Elite, the black one with the HDMI and a 110 gb hard drive. Right now I have 5 of the new ones I’ve picked up for peanuts at yard sales, flea market etc.


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