11 INSANE Unreal Engine Fan Games + Concepts

Inventive modders, builders, and designers have made some wonderful experiences with Unreal engine. From remakes to redesigns, listed here are some gorgeous examples.
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Murderer's Creed

Half-life 3


Elder scrolls 2 Daggerfall

World of Warcraft UE4


Metroid Prime

Tomb Raider 2

Final of Us 2

Luigi Mansion

Legend of Zelda


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Comment (66)

  1. No MoonGlints recreation of Resident Evil 1 in UE4!? Unbelievable! Lol, jk. There’s a ton of talent and passion in this list. Great lineup! 👏🏻

  2. Gameranx: ok we gotta describe 12 games on how they look.
    Falcon: I’m just gonna use “amazing” 12 times and call it done.

    1. @Shadowjay969 It’s the, commas in the, wrong place as he’s, speaking, that, do my head, in. Also the fact that even in this video which is meant to be a showcase of these games, it’s still 90% shitty graphic overlays instead of letting us actually see the game.

    2. @Shadowjay969 aww but I love falcon though. Just poking fun at how overused “amazing” is. It’s the most overused word imo

  3. Well that Zelda ocarina of time remake will get taken down by Nintendo considering what happened to the Mario 64 remaster

    1. Don’t forget the republic commando UE4 remake, and the fan made recreation/revival of Free Radical’s cancelled Battlefront 3.

  4. A stalker fan by the name of “Ivan Sorce” is creating a massive Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl Remake on Unreal Engine 4. All the screens and videos he posted are amazing

    1. @Roman J I honestly hope the controls get fixed and a little bit modernized because the game looks crazy good. I want a tomb raider game That looks like the fan remake but plays like the reboot trilogy.

    2. @T S I am giving you the link but that comment keeps getting deleted. Listen..go to google… type “Tomb Raider dagger of Xian remake” and click the very first link. That’s the OFFICIAL site where you can download this game for free.

    3. it’s ok, it’s missing too much classic moments from that first awesome level and the t-rex secrets. It’s more of a re-imagined, but lacks the polish for now.

  5. Love you’re content bro keep up with the games weakly news it’s actually the only vid I go back as a source so thx for covering most of the games


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