Amnesia: Rebirth – Before You Buy

Amnesia Rebirth (PC, PS4) marks the return of the well-known horror sequence made for the age of YouTube/Twitch. How is it? Let's discuss.
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    1. @C Houghton The problem is
      if you’ve been playing horror games all your life, the horror games are bound to become less scary, if not scary at all. that’s how it works

    2. It is better than the original it’s just not… As original. Because since then a million games have copied the formula. Back when the first Amnesia released it was a completely new concept for horror and people haven ever felt so helpless and creeped out before. Now Amnesia is just a really good horror game in a sea of games like it.

    3. @Phantom Thieves I never said all there games are scary I only said Amnesia : Rebirth was not scary, and sure I’ll agree with you on amnesia dark descent not being scary. But amnesia was the first time I got around to playing horror games,

    1. Lol. The game takes place in Algeria 🇩🇿. He straight up said :”the game takes place in Africa”, it’s technically true, but Africa has 55 countries.

  1. I’m super hype for the custom stories people will make. And if they can be made in the same vein as Amnesia The Small Horse Series then I’m down for it.

  2. If anyone was interested, the letter shown at 7:33 mark talks about someone named M. Espérandieu. The name seemingly resembles “Espère en dieu” which translates from French to English as “Hope in God”.

    1. If you look good, There are stuff There.
      But I agree, this is a good game but SOMA and the first amnesia was better.
      And I wish they could stop telling alot of story and charachter through 100 of notes.

      The start was Just full of notes and if you look good and move around stuff you find even more notes. 😂

  3. Soma is incredible, I highly recommend it. That game delves into some existential questions that really make you think while you’re shitting your pants

  4. 3:16 I’m getting CoD:MW2 flashbacks. The plane, the rocks/ mountains and the sand flowing through the air in the distance/ background.

    1. @DailySusOfDanny Actually now that I think about it, it really looks a lot like Amnesia: Rebirth. It’s worth checking out, gameranx has a nice video about it.

    2. @DailySusOfDanny Not sure what you’re on about, just look at the video and the Estate map and tell me if I’m wrong.

  5. It’s a cool game, I just didn’t understand some things about the story, like how is this a sequel to TDD, or why you wake up in the plane at the start. But I liked it.

    1. @Evan Paluch I work and have a life, but if me and my buddies wanna play games we’ve had days where we play around double the length of this game. It’s not that hard to do when you’re having fun.

    2. @Evan Paluch heey let’s not get ahead of ourselves lol. For the time beign I have some time to spare but by no means I “breathe” games hahah, just good timing I think…

  6. I already bought it and developed amnesia so I’m buying it again and taking extra precautions not to get it again.

    1. @Malachi Mccluskey The joke is that they developed amnesia thus forgot that they already bought it. So they bought it again.
      Though, yeah. It doesn’t make sense as they wouldn’t remember that they already bought it, which they would have to in order to make the comment.

    1. @Nobody Cares We meant a legit sequel to the story, not whatever that cash grab was. Stupid how nowadays, they can make like 5 spinoffs to a shitty or mediocre game but masterpieces like Isolation don’t even get the time of day. Just one fucking sequel

    2. A spin-off was made in i think 2018, its called Alien: Blackout, its a FNAF-like mobile game, it kinda sucks but its the closest we can get to a sequel, according to SEGA

    1. It’s much more story reliant, and it forces you to care about the characters. It either works for you or it doesn’t. It did for me.

  7. love how u mention about cultural touchstone and cover newcomer’s perspective whether it is accessible or not. This is in fact an area which a lot of reviewers forgot to cover


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