Among Us: 10 Things The Game DOESN’T TELL YOU

Amongst Us (PC, cell) has taken the world by storm. Want a information? Listed here are some ideas and methods to win as an impostor or a crewmate.
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    1. Actually never mind forget my last comment the worst type of players are the ones that mindlessly votes off another player without proof, and the only reason why they voted that player off is because another player said “___ is sus” without any proof to why they think that player is sus.

    2. The worst type of players are the ones where they are the imposter and if they get voted off, at the last moment they rat out the other imposter.

    3. @pwr 420 fr. If my impostor teammate gets caught by multiple people thats on him. Besides if i try to defend him it will just make me sus. So in order to get suspicion off me im voting him out. Should’ve dodge lol

    4. Sometimes it can’t be helped really. Like one time my impostor buddy was seen killing and venting away, so not much I can do to help him at this point without looking suspicious myself so I got no choice but to vote him out as well.

  1. The Red sus meme is driving me nuts while playing with randoms, a soon as the game starts from you dont move for 1.5 seconds you are “SUS”

    1. Yeah, I have like two really good outfits for red but then I get voted out if I use them. If you’re wondering what outfits they are, my number one favourite is welding goggles hat and wall guard skin. I also like devil horns with black tuxedo

    2. @Starminor I see where you are coming from, but i like red….it and orange looks the best with the leaf hat and most of the time when i join a match orange is already taken

    3. ya i hate that and everyone is so quick to vote without talking. it doent have to take 5 minutes but it should take longer then 1 minute. and so many crewmates get voted off giving the imposter a better chance to win

    1. @Blake Sallee I think it was, and I like to believe it was. I hope it was…… because like you said Sir, it’s really funny.

    1. Most of those randoms are just plain kids, it’s just wired in them to get instant gratification so they tend to just do it whether voting or killing

    1. I hate it when the host put 0 sec discussion and 15 sec to vote before I can even tell where the body was found and who did it in a full statement someone says “self report” and all the the other idiots vote me out!

    1. I prefer playing with on public lobbys, because people will randomly start accusing me so i have to pull the “watch me scan” card so I don’t get voted off cuz im sus, but when playing with friends i play without

  2. “10 things the game DOESN’T TELL YOU” Well breathing and owning a device that can play the game helps you play the game

  3. The ads on mobile aren’t bad at all it’s just once the game ends and they either can be skipped instantly or in 5 seconds


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