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An adjunct will get a head begin on customized PS5 faceplates, Phil Spencer talks Bethesda, Tom Holland is revealed as Nathan Drake, new sport trailers, and extra in every week filled with gaming information.

Jake's different channel:


Customized PS5 faceplates

Xbox boss on Bethesda

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 modifications:

Tom Holland Uncharted

New Spider-Man enjoyable stuff:

Little Nightmares 2 trailer:

Rambo MK11 gameplay:

Godfall stuff

Steel Gear sneakers

2k advertisements

Grasp Chief Collection X replace

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Comment (59)

    1. I totally agree! It would be weird watching a Sully without the mustache. But Marky Mark is a damn good actor if you ask me, and now I wonder how he would look with a mustache 😛

  1. 6.1M subscribers is surely worthy of a Pre-Retail PS5 haha absolutely insane if you don’t make the cut with that kind of reach…

    1. Exactly my thoughts
      The connection points are very basic
      All you need is those points and you could design what ever you want. Can wait to see some crazy customisations

  2. Attn: Gameranx community,
    It’s high time we get the pizza Jake has promised us. The lies and deception have gone on far too long.

    1. I mean they stopped giving out consoles. I wouldn’t mind 10 people getting a free large pizza in the comments and it being delivered to them every Friday..

  3. Jake: “My prayers have seemingly been answered.”
    Me: “NEW SPLINTER CELL????!!!!!!”
    Jake: “Custom PS5 faceplates”
    Me: AWWWW

  4. I freakin love Jake’s voice… I wish I had Him on an app where he would just read me bedtime stories… love you gameranx

    1. For some people yes, a plate is a plate but I’ve got a buddy who is a PS player and a fanboy and he absolutely despises the white PS5.
      Even to the point where he’s been contemplating painting the faceplates black himself.

    2. To be honest I got lots of games for ps2 and ps3 and for ps4 I don’t mind Getting face plates for the ps5 before I get ps5 games because I could aways play ps2 or ps3 games that I have not finished or want to replay games for example Simpsons Hit and Run I love that game it fun.

  5. Wait. Sully doesn’t have his iconic moustache. I guess it’s going to be one those movies rely the star power and brand power

    1. It’s a pretty basic connection
      Anyone with access to a 3d printer could make their own custom plates
      You could even change the form if you wanted
      I’m sure there will be free CAD models online pretty much as soon as the console launches

  6. The Ads playing in 2k aren’t mistakes, it’s obviously done on purpose, they only shoot out their “apology” whenever enough people voice about it, and bring it to light.


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