10 Best In-Game Snipers We Will NEVER FORGET

Each good action-adventure recreation price something has a cool sharpshooting sniper character. Listed below are a few of our favourite examples all through online game sniping historical past.
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  1. Im glad Karl Fairburne made it on here. The Sniper Elite series in my mind is everything a ‘Modern’ assassins creed could be and I can’t wait for more expansive and diverse instalments

    1. I know right that shot alone was way better than anything sniper wolf could have done. There’s no way she could have done a freaking headshot to a guy in a jet like quiet did.

  2. Title of video: “10 video game snipers we will never forget”

    Falcon: *so here’s 21 snipers*


    1. Sniper from tf2 should have been number one, and the metal gear solid snipers at number 2, and captain macmillian at number 3

    1. Off course we do – I mean getting beaten by having a Supply Crate dropped onto your noggin sure leaves a lasting impression 🤣

  3. Title of vid: *10 video game snipers we will NEVER FORGET*

    me: for a split second i thought about FazeJev and Optic Spratt lol

  4. I’ll never forget Sev, Delta 07, from Republic Commando. He sounded badass, looked badass and did badass things. No matter where he actually is after the Kashyyyk mission, he’ll always stay in my heart.

    1. BlueLightningHawk well since it doesn’t appeal to enough people, EA/Disney won’t do something like that because they only care about money and there is no heart in any of their recent games/films

    2. @Human Being well I would buy that game if they made it right. I think a tactical modern star wars game could be super cool.

  5. Thumbnail went from Quiet from Metal Gear Solid 5 to All Ghillied Up from Modern Warfare to Sniper Elite, and to top it off the game under the description is Fallout 4 lol what’s going on.

  6. Garrus is the best ally in mass effect

    Also what about legion?? In ME2 he is first shown in one of the spookiest missions and has a badass entrance where he blows a husks head straight off oh yeah and has one of the coolest snipers in the game


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