10 CRAZY Things PS4 Owners Have Done

PlayStation followers have completed some CRAZY issues surrounding their PS4s and their fandom. Listed below are the weirdest examples.
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Comment (78)

    1. I got two working PS2 with everything, from the trash at my job. The PS4 was probably a set up, he has his own youtube channel.

    2. @The Juggernaut
      That’s my guess.
      A guy finds a PS in the trash during his daily job that he coincidentally streams…. suuure.

    1. @Will Cooper mine’s is a first gen’ 500gig jalopy but she still works, millennium falcon style. Makes similar sounds too.

    2. That’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.
      Story time:
      A few months ago, I got myself a second hand PS4 Pro.
      As you would expect, it wasn’t perfect and it made some noise.
      But the coolers, no joke, were louder than a Boeing. When I opened it up to clean the filters, it looked like the previous owner’s cat(s) had tried to take a nap in there.
      It was actually kinda disgusting 😂

  1. Me and my friends used to go to models and switch the sticker on hockey stick from an inexpensive one to an expensive one. At least that was smartER because its a hockey stick sticker 🤣 lol but that was over 12 years ago when we were 14-15 so don’t judge lmao

    1. @Shanghaimartin Yeah i agree with you, like hes a twitch streamer who randomly comes across a perfectly working ps4 in mint condition with a controller and everything?like cmon its obviously staged.

    1. @Unknown Menace 1. Mine starts to drift with the Left Stick which is gettin really annoying in Racing Games
      2. Yes, love NANA and this Song is just Amazing

  2. I almost bricked my PS4 since I swapped out the harddrive and needed to reformat and only had one working USB port, and you need to have one for the controller and one for the USB stick… If anyone has this issue I can let you know that a USB-hub / splitter works fine

    1. I’m here to say that we have enough people that commented “usb splitter” if you see this comment, please dont worry about commenting it lol

  3. I’ve sold a few items on craigslist, offerup, and Letgo. When meeting someone for a sale make sure to meet in a public place with a descent amount of people. Never go anywhere secluded, to their house, or your house for a sale. Also, make sure to bring someone with you if possible.

    1. I got a free rug from the Australian version Gumtree yesterday. The girl who was going it away had her boyfriend meet me at the security door to the block of units she lived in to give it to me. It’s a nice rug too.

    1. @Prakyy not ‘a burger’ it’s more than 5 minutes for a McDonald’s meal. I’m pretty sure, the law states (certainly in the UK) that under no circumstances must you only have 1 burger at McDonald’s.

    1. @Ratchet I legit saw coverage about a drug shootout before it immediately swapped to a story about cute kittens doing silly things.

    2. @First Last probably because the only part that involved a PlayStation was when he told his friend to call the police

    1. @Nir Shalev last time I check GTA is NOTORIOUSLY online, yes they do have a story mode but do you find it more believable that he was playing story mode in 2020 or online?

    1. They always say how toxic Fortnite’s community is, but even they won’t ignore a murder.

      Unless it’s a stream sniper.
      Then all bets are off.

    1. I don’t think the problem is that there we no phones available around, but rather he was so shocked and scared that he couldn’t find his mobile phone. Even if they had a landline phone, do you think he would stand there where his mom could hear him call the police on her?


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