Top 10 NEW Games of November 2020

November 2020 is crammed with tons of video games to concentrate to because of the upcoming launch of PS5 /Xbox Sequence X and past. Right here's a roundup of the massive ones.
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#10 Destruction AllStars

Platform: PS5

Launch date: November 12, 2020

#9 Godfall

Platform: PC, PS5

Launch date: November 12, 2020

#eight Sackboy: A Massive Journey

Platform: PS5, PS4

Launch date: November 12, 2020

#7 Filth 5

XSX November 10

PS4, XBOX ONE, PC November 6, 2020

PS5 November 12, 2020

#6 Demon's Souls

Platform: PS5

Launch date: November 12, 2020

#5 Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Platform: November 10, 2020 PS4

PC XBOX ONE XSX November 10, 2020

#four Murderer's Creed Valhalla

Platform: PC, XSX, PS4, XBOX ONE, Stadia November 10

PS5 November 12, 2020

#three Marvel's Spider-Man PS5 Miles Morales

Platform: PS5, PS4

Launch date: November 12, 2020

#2 Name of Responsibility: Black Ops Chilly Struggle

Platform: PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBOX ONE

Launch date: November 13, 2020

#1 Cyberpunk 2077

Platform: PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, Stadia

Launch date: November 19, 2020


The Pathless

Platform: PC, PS5, PS4

Launch date: November 12, 2020

Want for Velocity: Scorching Pursuit Remastered

Platform : PC, PS4, XBOX ONE

Launch date : November 6, 2020

Change 13 November 2020

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Comment (76)

    1. Uh… if he didn’t feel that about these games, they wouldn’t be in the list. That’s the point of a TOP 10. They all got potential.

    2. I challenge everyone here for a drinking game on this lol, watch 4 falcon videos and take a shot every time he says frankly etc

    1. I hate the videos where he goes on and on and on and on how ea/fallout 76 sucks. The only annoying thing about his speech is the way he pronounces “game” in a different way everytime he says it (allot)

  1. “November is shaping up to be a hell of a month–”
    “–in gaming”
    …I guess that’s true too

  2. I agree. I’d rather have delays and a great quality title come out instead of getting something along the lines of WWE 2K20

    1. @Ryaslin yeah but that’s a chance of below 1 in 10
      Most devs abandon rushed games because they won’t be able to reap much more profit

    2. Old saying that is just simply not true these days.
      That’s why Duke Nukem Forever is the best game in all eternity, right? That saying belongs to the times where games did not get post release updates. Even Witcher 3 on release was a buggy mess with horrible optimizations and it took CDPR a few patches to turn it great.

    1. @ChloeWade no, they are useful for those are not willing to spend a lot of money on pc parts and those who don’t want to go through the process of assembling a pc
      Be i own a pc

    2. @ChloeWade wether you use only a PC or not, you can’t be stupid enough to not understand console generations. The current Xbox One/PS4 is a generation. When the new Xbox Series X/PS5 come out that’ll be another generation.

  3. I know I can’t afford to be apart of such an amazing month, it just makes me happy😊 to see people excited to play it, plus YouTube is the closes thing to a console I can enjoy😅!
    Hope you guys have the most fun out of this crappy pandemic, you people deserve it🤗🤗

    1. @HulkLy if you’re acutely going to give him a new pc or console you will be rewarded with satisfaction that even games can’t give you

    2. You are so nice. Contact me I might be able to help you a bit and get what you want. I dont really have much money but you definitely deserve it.

    3. Man sorry that you cant join in on the fun with everyone else. Check in on youtube and watch the gameplays. Maybe you cant play these games now but hopefully you can get them sometime next year

  4. This video may as well be called “everyone is excited for cyberpunk and we want a reason to talk about it” lmao so hyped

    1. 44 yr old , single dad to a 10yr old..
      Job, mortgage, c8 oled , 1440p 144hz monitor. Xbox xcorpio , xbox s , 2 ps4 pros , pc ( gtx 1660ti r5 3600 ) gaming laptop ( helios predator 300 ) 2 x switch .
      Being single is awesome for me n me boy 😷😷

    2. Of course because video games are more important than creating an actual life and having a family. Seeing your kid graduate someday. Yes video games…

    1. @PantherXdWhy I try not to, I even avoided watching any of the videos. I’ve only seen the teaser with Reeves in it and that’s it.

      But even then, I just can’t fucking wait. I love cyberpunk themed stuff and those game developers nailed the Witcher series (I love the books). So I just need to see what it turns out like.

    2. I really hope it reaches our expectations for the game, especially considering it has been delayed numerous times

  5. I can’t believe it’s finally coming out. When the first Cyberpunk teaser trailer came out PS3 and XBOX360 were still current gen.

    1. I actually completely forgot about it after that teaser, then e3 2018 came and it looked very familiar, now I know it was the same one xD

  6. I honestly believe that Falcon’s voice is getting more and more unappealing as time goes on. He sounds like he isn’t getting paid, and has no interest in games

    1. It’s basically fucking CRINGE. Remember that line from Borderlands 2 that goes like “I apologise, but when Claptrap speaks I feel my brain cells committing suicide one by one.” Yeah, this applies to Falcon.

  7. We did it ladies and gentlemen. We’ll be roaming night city in less than 25 days now. Can’t wait for all the gameranx videos.

  8. Nothing has given me more motivation to study for my finals than my will to play these games with a clear conscience 😁

    1. @Yasharahla Powell that has nothing to do with realistic graphics and i desagree i like pvp but pve in a good single player game is soo good

    2. @Arthur Costa I’ve been gaming since odyssey 2 system, for those who are too young, thats prior to atari 2600, lbvvs. For me, gaming is all about competition, pvp. Why would I beat on Npc’s, when I can just stomp you and your friends. But thats fun for my crew and I. To us, pve is boring, achievement hunting, is lame. It sad people play alone, lbvvs. Pc/Xbox series X, its all about the community playing together. Probably why I’m not into anything ps makes, lbvvs.

    3. @Yasharahla Powell i never undestood why people just like realistic graphics there a lot of good game that have a diferent style of graphics

    4. @Aaron Morton It’s a maybe for me at this point. Because I’m a competitive pvp focused player mostly mmorpgs n mmofps. But I will play the occasional rpg like, fallout 3, new vegas, fallout 4, metro series, eso, bdo. Bf3, bf4 are my go to games still. Not a fan of black ops series. I’m 44, and most of my gaming crew are my age and older. We just don’t play anything arcadish or cartoonish. True to life realistic graphics are a must for us. We are waiting for Sandstorm Insurgency, Rust, Crossfire x, and Chivalry 2. I’ll buy the cold war for my 16yr old son, he loves zombies.


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