Is Bethesda Taking Too Long With Elder Scrolls 6?

The Elder Scrolls 6 has been introduced, however with no confirmed launch date all we've been in a position to do is speculate about gameplay and in-game location. Is Bethesda taking too lengthy? Let's dive in.
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  1. Morrowind: 2002
    Oblivion: 2006 (4 years)
    Skyrim: 2011 (5 years)
    It’s been 9 years and we’re still waiting. By the time ES6 comes out we’ll be elders.

    1. ​@David Crawford So you’re only talking about the developer and not the company? Well in that case, they made Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 and have been supporting their products. Until Bethesda Softworks takes those of their plate and passes them to support studios what do you want them to do? Fallout 4 is now apparently playable although I don’t enjoy it and Skyrim and fallout both got VR updates and as much flak Fallout 76 got it sounds like people are playing it, at least I’ve had it mentioned to me more times than I expected.

      The reality of the situation is what you want doesn’t feed 1000s of employee’s and their families, so maybe leave that bit to the people who know what they’re doing, and when you get the game give them feedback on how they can make better games. I can believe you might know a thing or 2 about playing a game but you clearly know nothing about making one. Your ignorance isn’t magically going to solve the complexity of building software.

    2. @YouReyKarr eso isnt bethesda and as consumers we should be voicing our opinions and frustrations. Skyrim released for the ps3. Let that sink in.

  2. Fallout 3: “It will have 200 endings”
    Skyrim: “It will have infinite quests”
    Fallout 4: “It just works…”
    Fallout 76: “It has 4 times the detail”
    Elder Scrolls 6: “It’s meant to be played for a decade”

    Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…

    1. @R3VO7UTION it got ridiculously high reviews across the board, won a load of awards, was game of the year, basically everyone around the world was playing it, loads of people are still playing it now and buying the remastered editions. but hey if you didn’t like it that’s fine.

    2. Which means they will re-release it for everything they can and do nothing with it get the bucket it’s milking time

  3. What makes me mad is Bethesda being angry with people asking about elder scrolls 6. You have a fan base. One that is understandably ready for more of your product. Do not forget that you are still on thin ice from 76, bethesda.

    1. @Neckro101King yeah 😂 unfortunatly their latests games went like that, but let’s Hope that this time It Will be different

    2. I think so, they’re gonna be using the Microsoft Engine, so expect games to be beautiful but its long to make so be patient

    3. @Craig I agree to an extent I don’t think it’s that they don’t care about their fans per say, (this is just my opinion of course) but I think they are trying to appeal to a more wider audience (and subsequently losing the admiration of their diehard fanbase) by dumbing their games down a bit to make the games more casual and trying to move towards online games, because let’s face it online multiplayer only game sell much better than singleplayer games nowadays. I still have alot of respect for bethesda for how much they support the mod community, no other studio does this quite like bethesda, and it’s a win win as their audience gets to essentially play entirely new games with fan-made dlc sized expansions that are sometimes studio quality, and this also breaths new life into their games and thus generates more sales. (I’m talking about nexus mods of course, creation club doesn’t count and I still think they lose some brownie points for even thinking that it was a good idea don’t get me wrong)

  4. “Sci Fi equivalent to Elder Scrolls” so basically any RPG Bethesda makes is just Elder Scrolls but _______ 😂

  5. Let’s all be honest. They teased the game to make their presentation look better. The game had barely even been started to be worked on.

    1. @Bruh Bruh production is production. Whether it’s pre or full is irrelevant. Development is development. Todd howard’s words, ” We always have two games in production”

  6. Falcon- “The longer it takes, the more special and unique it can be.”

    Star Citizen- Slowly tries to back out of the room unnoticed . . .

    1. @Stayler17 the game has been in production for over a decade, and the leaks from the company have shed light on massive feature creep, among the fact they still don’t even have their alpha yet. They’ve scrapped the roadmap and are working on just an outline for a new one for the last few months. (Possibly more, the timeline is getting fuzzy for me currently) Not to mention that it’s also come out that they’ve been riding the line of having enough money to stay open on and off. There’s a ton of videos about how the dynamics of that game have been super crazy in the last year. I also think Jason Schrier(?) did I write up with some sources inside the company for quite a bit of this information.

      Honestly it’s more of a meme than anything at this point.

  7. To be honest, when they say: “It’s meant to be played for a decade”, I fear that they mean: We will release a pseudo-complete game and incrementally improve the game and add new content over the span of a decade until it is actually finished (i.e. game as a service).

    1. I had this thought too. My fear is that there will monthly or bi-monthly seasons like what are typically in the CoD or Fortnite built built into the ES universe by doing events in quests. Something less gloriously than an actual expansion or DLC but something that’s just enough to keep you busy and earn mundane rewards that only the die hard will enjoy after a year. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. @sanji Vinsmoke I don’t think the issue has ever been about being able to afford licensing, but more so their inability to figure out their own engine let alone a 3rd party engine.

    2. @João Victor Resnik the engine is not neccesarily the problem. The modding community has proven that the engine is capable of next gen graphics.

      The REAL problem is Bethesda is either too lazy or too incompetent to do it properly

    1. @Joma HawkHope those modders read the terms of service to because bethesda will be sure to completely own any and everything they do

    2. There’s really no way bethesda won’t ruin an elder scrolls 6…no way modern bethesda could ever pull off skyrim

    1. The thing is the longer they wait the higher expectations people are gonna have… and Bethesda has been messing up a lot lately, just sayin

  8. It’s been 9 years. At this rate I’m going to be the next Skyrim grandma when the TESVI comes out. Damn you Todd!

  9. I can imagine this:
    Everyone wants a new Engine.
    Bethesda launches a new engine without free mod support.

  10. Bethesda forgot to release Skyrim on calculators, blood pressure meters and glucometers. When they figure that out then it is time for the next one.

  11. Man I was 11 when skyrim was released. I’m going to be in my mid to late 20’s when elder scrolls 6 releases.

  12. Gamer: “Is Bethesda Taking Too Long With Elder Scrolls 6?”
    Same Gamer leaving a review on Steam six weeks ago: “Ugh this game is buggy and clearly rushed. Lazy devs!!! 5/10”
    Me, a sane person, waiting for a polished release: “Night gathers, and now my watch begins…”

    1. @Alpaca O Doom That is absolute nonsense. Not only did Bethesda state that Starfield is the only game in full production at their studio multiple times and that ES6 will enter full production when it is finished, reports of ‘stepping up’ production are around from earlier this year. The notion they have been working on this for 11 years and only have a CG trailer to show for it is as ridiculous as it is untrue.

    2. @M. Isaac that and they tried using a engine designed for single player games in a mmorpg styled one a engine mind you thats been in use since morrowind and has only had patch work done to it tbh that engine needs to be scraped and Bethesda needs to create a new one but they won’t when that would need time and seeing the comments people are complaining that eso 6 is taking to long even though todd and other devs have said numerous times star field is being worked on first then eso 6 will go on full time production.

    3. But this is Bethesda we are talking about lol it’s gonna have a bunch of bugs no matter how long they take. Unless Microsoft helps them in some way I guess.

    4. @Dan Howdle what are you on about? Ahahaha, they confirmed it’s been in full development since Skyrim released.

  13. I’m ok with them taking long to make it but I’M NOT OK with how long it took them to start making it.


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