10 BIG Upcoming Games That Have Gone SILENT

Some thrilling video games have been introduced, however we haven't heard a lot about them these days. Listed below are some video games which have gone quiet in current months and years.
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  1. Gameranx: “Definitely not canceled”

    Me: “Do not speak the forbidden words lest you summon the very thing you fear.” 😨

    1. @Toyin Dawodu It’s true that Ubisoft does arise some nice ideas for storylines of games and game designs in their trailers and all but when the real product is released, it’s always a really downgraded version of the game. Or the game turns out to have the same monotonous levels to it. Games with variety in their gameplay have a really nice appeal. For example, Doom Eternal. It had the same mechanics through and through but the appeal was in the gory nature of it. And also the story. The players were offered a challenging combat along with an interesting story of Argenta and Night Sentinels.
      Edit: However, I am a little curious about how watch dogs Legion and Assassin’s creed Valhalla is going to turn out

    1. @Jon There’s people on the opposite side of the road. It’s an opinion. Let it be. Doesn’t need to be an open debate.

    1. Why do people think in their small little brains that 21 days is a huge development time lapse? Even after 7 fucking years soon to be 8 of development. People asked for days off and got fucked over.

    2. @Batman you say that like it’s a bad thing. Star Citizen is incomparable however as they’ve not been as transparent.

  2. Bro you forgot Elden Ring.. that game has gone so silent you won’t even talk about it in a video about games going silent

    1. @beyondthe soul Right! I don’t understand why anyone wants to work with someone so clearly lazily hardly passionate about their work. Elden Ring will happen when Martin runs out of GoT money.

    1. @Schecter 7 That’s just nitpicking honestly. What this game is trying to do is very ambitious and we expect it to have everything, also this is coming from a dev team that has never made a game anything like this so if they gotta take out a couple small things just to have the overall quality of the game be better I’m fine with that. You guys are getting greedy lol

    2. @n1ko not saying have your hopes up but people are just pissed cause they gotta wait a whole 20 more days to play it so they’re just bashing the devs and saying the game is gonna be trash lol. Like relax let them polish it

    3. @Argus Y It’s a business that what your supposed to do… Not give 4 dates and say naw it’s gonna be some other time. I’m defending this anymore the game went Gold and it’s still being tested, does that makes any sense?
      Your a Dev making promises to customers that it won’t be delayed again a day before you do…
      I don’t care for the wall running but was another promise that was removed. And unless this game is perfect which I doubt it will be it’s going to affect how people see it.

      And from what I’m seeingand how you Fanboys defend CDPR your gonna be the most upset about it.

    4. @Argus Y I agree that game development is a hard job, but developers shouldn’t set release dates for games, push hard on it, say that the game has gone gold, and repeatedly assure players that it is going to come out on that date, and then out of nowhere pull the rug from under you and say that the date has changed (like CDPR did). I get that it’s for the betterment of the game but they repeatedly did this, instead they should’ve given themselves as much time as needed to make the game from the get-go, then the players would most probably be a bit sad but they would realize it’s for the best of the game and would patiently wait. Instead CDPR are repeatedly delaying the game, which will obviously annoy fans who have been patiently waiting for many, many years now.

  3. okay seriously though, i was so hyped for bayonetta 3 but now,,, it’s like a refreshed memory now that it’s brought up LOL

  4. Ubisoft: Okay guys, we need to delay Rainbow Six Quarantine again.

    Public: Why?

    Ubisoft: Quarantine

    Public: *facepalm*

    1. @Scriggs Mcnilla Logical decduction skills? Bringing up an irrelevant topic to make yourself sound smart because i called you dull? You got offended because he brought up ”that fanatasy stuff” thats why i said you are dull. Anyone that gets pissed over someone mentioning a fromsoftware game is probably very dull. You probably buy madden myteam packs and call of duty gun skins too 😂😂

    2. @Butt Quack and I’m sure you have great logical deduction skills. By the way it’s spelled probably. 😂👍

    1. @Sushi Uchiha I guess there is still some hope. At least we are getting Demon Souls Remastered soon. Though, I understand Deep Down was going to have more of an emphasis on co-op.

  5. A world where nothing was ever announced or hinted at until 1 day before release would be amazing! The surprise and excitement to get hands on so quickly would outweigh months or years of hype. (there are all kinds of problems with this scenario but I’d love to experience it).

    1. Just don’t follow games news, just walk into your local games shop and look at the shelves, but don’t look at any promotional signs lol

    2. @danielmbg Yeah but Apex is a free game. You cant just announce Resident Evil 8 the day before and expect people to have 60 bucks ready just in case. I think 3 to 6 months are the sweetspot. Enough time to build hype and for pople to save money for the games the plan on buying.

    1. I heard that they wanted to take Skull and Bones in more of a Fortnite direction, but honestly I don’t remember much about that article, could’ve been fake.

  6. “Top 10 games that have gone GOLD then delayed their release.”
    I was reading the title and I thought it was gonna say this because of the new Cyberpunk 2077 news….

    1. @John Robinson yeah, it’s understandable, they need to make sure it works on tons of versions and I bet it’s a challenge during the pandemic as well on top of that. I was really thinking about this today that I seriously wish Xbox chose to go a different route and focus just on series x but instead they went the direction of, a series x game needs to run on a series s, Xbox one, Xbox one s and Xbox one x….. That has got to be a complete headache for game developers and I also bet that it’s going to effect series x game quality. If they just focused on series x they could push the tech performance alot more then these games that need to run on all their systems.

    2. @John Robinson that reasoning is bullshit they should have staggered releases for next gen and maybe not puss off the fan base

    3. @Brando Saurous that’s the sarcasm in the comment. Just reading it and the timing made me think of it. I can’t wait for cyberpunk. It looks so well made. I thought about it and they gotta make sure it runs on Xbox one, Xbox one s, Xbox one x, Xbox series s, Xbox series x, PS4,PS5, PC, Stadia….. I mean dude that’s a headache of things to have to juggle, the tech is so different in those systems, personally I think Xbox is creating a huge headache in the game world with this “run on all consoles” idea. Cyberpunk will be great, just couldn’t help to make a joke related to today’s current events.

  7. Elden ring OoooooOooooohh Elden ring, shattered…by someone………or something…..

    but honestly I see why it wasn’t included all these games have gone 2+ years without any real news while elden ring is sitting at about a year and a half since it’s announcement, but as a huge soulsborne fan it’s still killing me lol

  8. Shadow Warrior 3 has the same problem as Shadow warrior 2 not enough advertisment.
    Titanfall 3 is a dream,maybe one day not.


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