PS5: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

The discharge of Sony's PlayStation 5 is true across the nook, so we've obtained you coated on launch date data, unique video games, {hardware}, and extra. Are you getting a PS5? Tell us!
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    1. On the newest patch you can delete co-op and sp sections of the game. Still the game itself takes quite a lot, but at least you can free up some memory. I wish we would go to SSD only with games, developers would not have to duplicate assets at all, which would help to keep install sizes smaller than before on that front.

    1. @Yizz0 add me on psn if you want . Its sadik-aw . And like I said, It is not certain if expert will 100% have them. Sony doesn’t want the consoles to be sold in stores, I guess due to covid 19 so there isn’t a storm of people on release. But yesterday I heard a rumor that some retailers here in germany will still offer the ps5 on launchday for non-pre orderers. Even if they don‘t and even expert will get the consoles on release, the second lockdown will start on monday for us here in germany and most shops which don’t cover your daily needs will be closed for 3 weeks. This makes things harder than it is for us

    1. @Arreba Zaman here in the uk the preorders went back in stock a few days ago and were available for all of 4 mins before going out of stock

    1. Agreed. If you don’t like the price increase for games it’s the easiest way around it. You’ll make that £100 back in no time. PS store is already way more expensive than buying a new game from Amazon etc.

    2. I would get more physical games for the ps4 but i don’t see a reason to, unlike the ps3 you still need to download the game even if you got the disc

    3. Physical and single player campaigns. Pretty soon we won’t be able to play our favorite games like old school Nintendo games since I’ve seen quite a few games that are online multiple llayer only with no campaigns. EA is horrible with that since they will take ur money and in a few years when everyone is bored of the game they will cut the servers and we would be stuck with paperweight. Assuming modders don’t wanna do a custom servers …. lol

    1. I dont know why people are thinking that starlink will be free …..who tf will pay for all that satellite money, the only advantage is the network coverage area and nothing else nothing special about speed or response time and forget about playing games on starlink its not meant for that

  1. Has anyone actually obtained a PS5 from the official pre-order date and beyond? All the stock on the planet was gone before the actual pre-order date.

    1. I wandered into my local Game store (UK) at about midday the day after the announcement and got one no problem. Sounds like I got lucky compared to a lot of other people. Knowing what they’re like with over-subscribing their allocation, I’m still crossing my fingers though.

    1. @Atsuko Kagari LMAO. EA had said they were going to 70 with the new NBA 2k. Ea had marked their price up way before sony did. Ea is the cause of loot boxes. Overpriced dlcs and rushed and unfinished games. They are satan

  2. Look how many people are ready to call out you’ve made a mistake once by calling the PS5 a PS4. Such nice society we have.


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