10 Assassin’s Creed Locations FREAKIER Than You Thought

Murderer's Creed's open worlds are all the time huge and crammed with creepy stuff. Listed below are the scariest areas from the collection.
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    1. @Sya La haha idk…its true that Jake pretty much carries the entire gameranx as the audience knows it on his shoulders…more or less owing to his voice…

  1. I like how you didn’t even specially mention Dracula’s historical tomb from AC Revelations. You are slipping Falcon lol

  2. That squid Easter egg is absolutely great. Secrets like that are the best, imo. It’s unexpected, it’s spooky, it seems random. And there’s only one place in the whole game where you can encounter it. Someone put an effort to put it here, although 99,9℅ of players would miss it. I played AC2 like 11 years ago and I’ve never even heard about it until today.

    1. In Black Flag, in one of the underwater locations, if you look out a sunken ships window, you see the squid attack a whale

    2. I played ac2 11 years ago too! And I discovered about it by accident because I took a quick break from the game and when I came back the animation was just happening, I remember trying not to fall in the water to not get eaten 😂😂

  3. “You weren’t supposed to find this” on a screenshot of a main story mission you can’t miss?

    1. Ever heard of lazy People that think they are gamers or good game reviewers who have never played a video game before and think that what they’re using or have found is “hidden” or “exclusive” only for people to bombard them telling them that we all get or know these things within the first 5 minutes of playing the game.

  4. I miss the feeling of the first Assassin’s Creed. The vibe between the modern world and the ancient times was perfect. There was a sense of mystery uniting both of them that I feel like the newest games had slowly lost touch with.

    1. I completely agree with you dude. I miss that feel of the older games and just posted a comment on it then was scrolling through other comments and I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way.

    2. the first assassin’s creed was a legendary game at the time in terms of graphics and gameplay.
      Sadly After Ezio’s conclusion the game turned to a fuckfest .

    3. Revelations was the last good game but wasn’t the best of the ezio series IMO, I definitely missed the story they had before they over explained it and the mystery as you say was lost.

  5. Im suprised subject 12 wasnt brought up at all. His hidden puzzle rooms in brotherhood were some of the most unsettling experiences Ive had in gaming because of just how outta place they were

    1. 16, not 12. But the point is valid. Those puzzles were borderline disturbing. And the later ones were incredibly difficult ensuring that you would be working on them for quite a while. That electronic voice is still stuck in my head “LOADING…”

    1. It is explained that the precursor artefacts can create these illusions. And to be fair we’ve seen lots of unnatural stuff in AC before, I understand that AC has changed in a more RPG direction but I actually think it’s a good thing, people have complained about the old AC formula and how it got stale.

    2. What i would add up here is that the unrealistic part was was always there ( pieces of eden and the apple of eden in particular which can control anyones mind , those holographic lady in AC 3 , their prophecies , the end of the world and desmond saving the world in a cave with superior ancient tech ) . Its just been there . Always

    3. @I don’t mean it but I did enjoy it tho I didn’t play it watched my friends do and I will never play it as long as it’s called AC

    4. AC died after ezio passed away the new games are just cash grabs they didn’t even try to make a love able character like him or altahir what I loved about this game was its story and the connection between three main characters which they could start again after ezios passing which tbh made me literally cry

    1. Dude I was playing overwatch around midnight, and a Winston scared me to the point that I jumped 3 feet in the air. Dark causes paranoia.

    1. @Kona Nation they should do the Unity/Syndicate parkour and have the ACIII to Rogue combat system with the newer story and world aspects… that would be a killer Assassin’s Creed game

  6. Sigh he said flies for ac Egypt but said history info that he could’ve used to say the correct type of insect. Its a face palm kinda moment.


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