DEMON’S SOULS Gameplay Trailer 2 (New, PS5) 4K / 60fps

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DEMON'S SOULS Gameplay Trailer 2 (New, PS5) 4K / 60fps, Remake
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Comment (57)

    1. For anyone who thinks it looks easy, they use a high level character in the trailer. The game is going to be brutal. K bye

    2. IIRC, for these trailers the devs use a debugged Soul Level 300 character. Explains how he one-shots everything and never tires out.

    1. @Fire Emblem Is Trash LoL ive never played demon souls but in dark souls i get pissed if i miss a lizard haha, still can get through the game though

    2. @Mr Lesir It’s still funny but for anyone who has played the og, missing a crystal lizard is a death sentence and material lost for the playthrough

    1. It’s a dev version of the game, they have one-shot kills in the previous trailer, until they reached the boss and cut the scene. In this case, it’s basically the same, a 300 character in the gameplay 👀

    1. @Gus Angling I think it was dying in human form that shifts the world tendency. You can die all you want in souls form.

    1. i was so happy and relief when i saw him die to him ahahaah
      Flame Lurker is my hardest Boss in video game history for me. Since 2009 he has that title.

      fucking flamelurkerrrrr i love to hate him

  1. I wish enemies would make a sound when they fell over instead of being a dead silent weightless ragdoll. No game does that, that I know of haha

    1. @Kaegan Thornhill what games were those? I can’t think of any. Sometimes if they fall to their knees they replay a footstep sound. But technology and game physics has gotten to a point we could have impact noises.

    2. A lot of older games made enemies make a “Thud” sound when they hit the ground, and some time scream 3 secs after they died.

      Edit: And they fall like a sack of bricks.

  2. Glad to see that BluePoint is being so faithful with this remake. The meme magic hasn’t changed a bit.

    Real talk, though, kinda disappointed the stagger on Flamelurker is still present. Maybe they changed it and he only staggers when hit with heavy weapons like a greatsword. I’m led to believe this because of the Penetrator because it looks like they fixed the stagger on him, but that was when fought with a regular straight sword, so maybe this will give greater incentive to use heavy weapons instead of being dex casuals

  3. Please bluepoint, modify the “You’re dead” font. It is horrible, use the original one from demon’s souls plz

    1. @DimGoDim И не говори… А ведь могут ее и на четвертую портировать.

    2. С такими ценами на игры ps5 это уж точно… Сам думаю переходить на Xbox series X


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