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Cyberpunk 2077 will get yet one more delay, new seems to be at PS5 video games like Miles Morales and Demon's Souls, Watch Canines Legion is out, and extra in per week stuffed with gaming information.

Jake's different channel:



Cyberpunk delayed
Siege and Far Cry 6 too

Destruction All Stars additionally:

EA uh oh

Nintendo direct!

Miles Morales Spider-Verse

Demon’s Souls gameplay

FF16 artwork

No Man’s Sky subsequent gen


Future doc:

Watch Canines trailer:

Black Ops is very large on PC

Murderer’s Creed dwell motion Netflix

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Comment (65)

  1. “It’s Me, The Joker”
    …. He’s Trolling right?
    “…Joker me this…”
    Okay yea he is trolling.
    Well Played Jake.

    1. @Northern lights It’s a trope from The Office show. Breaking the fourth wall when they think something is stupid or dumb without saying it out loud

    2. @Lilopherium


      Look im not really a dc comics reader
      (Mostly because im poor as all heck)
      So i dont get the reference/joke

  2. E.A.: you’re gonna charge us to release our game in your country?
    Netherlands: no, it’s a surprise mechanic.

    1. we’re extremely sad to see how many people think Jake would actually mix up Joker and Riddler. Sarcasm is dead online.

  3. I hate microtransactions.
    The fact that EA has managed to dodge the bullet on their cash grabs for this long is unbelievable. It has literally been *years* since the law was passed about mtx stopping progression, so it’s more than due for a crackdown on overloaded mtx. And the fact that it’s *still* not legally counted as gambling is shocking. How is it not?
    The literal definition of “gambling” is:
    “To take risky action in the hope of a desired result.”

    There’s no two ways about it.

  4. Jake: “In the comments below, write us a 2000 word essay on the current state of the gaming industry and how it makes you feel.”

    Everyone in the comments: “It’s me the Joker!”

    1. @rippl3r0 delays are good if communicated properly. The way CDPR handled this was just pure incompetence. No way around it.

    2. @Elias Ray and considering the game is 6ish years in development.
      Pretty poor time management. If it doesnt live up to the hype they’ve built, they better close doors.

  5. At first I was triggered that he said the joker and not the riddler and then later he said “ joker me this” and then I realized I’ve been trolled.

  6. Courts: “EA you need to pay $583,000 dollars a week until you take loot boxes out.”

    EA: “We make $584,000 a week in loot box revenue a week. They’re staying.”

    1. @CheapBastard1988 its against 2 companies of EA. Its €5 million a company. So €10 million sounds pretty good. Some fat stacks in my country, to be spended on BS we dont need…but EA doesnt accept it and is gonna appeal again

    2. Blake: “Andrew, 500k in fines, what should we do?”
      Andrew: “… … …. Loot Crates: buy 1 get 1 free?” (Snake tongue tastes air.)

  7. “Crunch is not that bad”

    – I feel so bad for the devs who have been under an immense amount of stress and crunch for an extended period of time. Crunch is never good. There have been studies on this.


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