SPIDER-MAN Miles Morales “Into the Spider-Verse Suit” Trailer (PS5, 4K)

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SPIDER-MAN Miles Morales "Into the Spider Verse Go well with" Gameplay Trailer (PS5, 4K)
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Comment (31)

  1. I think the remastered version of spiderman ps4 will have spiderman into the spider verse suit fps animation like this one!!

    Only for spider verse suit…

    1. @FishyG23 miles is 12 frames per second for 3/4ths of the movie only until the “what’s up danger” scene he is 24 frames like the rest of spider people to show how he has grown as a character. It’s a nice detail

    2. @LambdaKat Yeah but the framerate isnt ALWAYS like that. certain scenes he looks normal, which makes it a little strange.

    1. No the suit is in the game
      If you pre-order the game you have the suit allready unlocked but if you dont pre-order you can still unlock the suit normally in the game

  2. is it me or is it lagging with this new suit? must be the video and not the new ps5 or the game right? they wont be this unprofessional right ?

    1. Please tell me your joking the frame rate is supposed to look like that because that’s how it is in into the spider verse they matched the fps with the animation 🤦


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