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Watch Canine: Legion (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Sequence X) marks a brand new method for the hacking-themed collection. How is it? Listed here are some first impressions.
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    1. @Benjamin Farrington Yeah, I read that somewhere a while back but there’s a lot of humour to be found in British culture, too. Now with the internet making the world so much smaller Americans would actually get some of the jokes too.

    2. @nevamind1000 they put bricky in it.. I walked onto an estate and immediately got shot at so that’s pretty authentic I’m my experience lol

    3. @DEDPLAYER’s Channel peaky blinders is set in Birmingham and also filmed in parts of Manchester, I mean it briefly goes to London but not much

    4. @Mr Dorf well gta is a parody of American culture thats why they said they wouldn’t do one in London beyond the 2D version but I’d love to see a current gta London

    1. @Darryl Aldred yeah I put about 100 hours in to Odyssey I really liked it and also origins as I love Greek mythology and Norse so I can’t wait to play Valhalla I am more exited about it than I am for cyberpunk (but can’t wait to get my hands on that as well as it is going to be the best game in the past 15 years )

  1. This just makes me yearn for a GTA London remake or reboot or whatever. The Mod era aesthetic would be so cool to experience with the modern GTA engine and gameplay.

    1. Yeah for real, I’d especially like them to go back to 1961 and 1969 but have actual licensed British rock for both eras

    2. i love everything abt this game except that it’s set in that horrible place you call london for the bad music in cars to the cringe britain hats

    1. They’re LITERALLY everywhere, walk into any enemy filled area and there’s almost always one thing cut off that needs you to directly interact with it before you can proceed

    2. Are they glitched out like in WD2? I mean, there are some puzzles that just opened the door for me, and I was really confused because I didn’t do anything.

    3. @Cameron Smith if you go in the accessibility settings you’re able to switch the hack puzzles to a “simplified mode”

    1. These Games are not for everyone, if you into stuff like this please watch more than just one video and buy the game. I mean you waste your money.

    2. @Ye’re fond of me lobster ain’t ye !? yeah love the before you buy vids since they tend to be neutral in reviewing the game. also i think the other thing that made me not like wd2 was how cringey some of the characters are with how it depicts the tech enthusiast culture i think it would be better if it was written more of a parody like with how they did gta5 lifeinvader lol.

  2. I’ve already bought. I havent even really done 2% of the story. I’ve recruited 15 people, done a few boroughs, and about 80% of my time is just chilling and watching people or saving random civilians.

    1. Want to ask did anyone of u facing screen cropped issue? I’m playing this on PS4. Tried to adjust PS4 display area and in game safe frame option still not working.

    2. @Harliv My rig is getting a little long in the tooth now and it runs fine on high (not max) graphic settings. The only slow downs I get I think are due to glitches

  3. I literally clicked “purchase” on Ubisoft Connect and this video’s notification popped up right after it started to download… smh

    1. @Brian Ahedor i have played 1 and 2 as well. WD 2 a LOT of hours total across multiple platforms.
      I still love it. Yeah I miss some mechanics and some new stuff I am getting used to. But I love it. So that isn’t the case for anyone that has played all of them.

      Edit: to be fair the mechanics are sort of the same but its more skimmed or something imo. I am missing the old mechanics. So maybe its a preference. I personally hate when games change the mechanics of a sequel to a game…

  4. Honestly I’m enjoying the game, yeah it definitely needed some more time in da oven as sometimes it just feels it can run smoother, I still really enjoy it. I like the idea that players are acquainted with each other, so If you run some random bootyhead over it might affect some random other person you thought was cool and interesting and you want to recruit. Regardless it’s definitely worth a shot in my opinion.

  5. I just finished the game, here’s my tips to make the game more enjoyable and fun. Now this might seem weird at first, but they worked for me, note that they’re just tips, not rules.

    1. Ignore most if not all side missions until you’ve completed every main mission. Side missions and recruitment missions sometimes breaks the game flow.

    2. Have as few members in your team as possible, so that you could remember all their names. They kind of become personal over time and you starts to appreciate every one of them.

    3. Get yourself a professional Hitman and a Spy, make sure they don’t have any weird accent. I played through almost the entire game with only those 2 operatives, they’re the coolest ones.

    4. Have high recruitment standards, don’t just recruit anyone off the street, make sure you have a small elite team rather than a large one. The game doesn’t need you to recruit all types, so….Be picky!! 🙂

    The things I’ve mentioned above applies until the campaign has finished, after that you wouldn’t need to worry about inconsistent protagonists. That when the recruitment actually starts and that’s where you’re safe to goof around and build a team of underwear grannies 😀


    1. @M3NG I 100 percent agree with you about this being a prototype. I think this could become something amazing in the future, especially with next gen technology. Unfortunately, I’m worried people won’t support this because it’s so experimental, and ubisoft will bail like they always do to try something different, as opposed to doing actual work and making what they already have better. So I’m telling people to support it. I think of it like an investment, supporting this average game may give us a better version later on, whereas not supporting it means this unique game won’t ever happen again.

    2. @RizzaXP lol I have to confess, I just wasted 2 days playing this, though the campaign can be finished in ~ 18 hours and that was basically the only thing I’ve done apart from few side missions, I still wasted 2 days haha

      Save your money for Cyberpunk, I’m certain it will be a superior game in many aspects.

    3. @Nicolas you can! Though they’re pretty rare so it’s not easy to find them on the street 🙂

      I actually found my handsome spy on the street, so I didn’t even complete that burrow 😀

  6. “They did their best”

    Yeah, that’s what worries me. I’ll buy this in a few months when it costs £10 and they’ve actually finished it.

    1. @Captain Captain They’ve already lost my investment dude. They’ve treated their fans like absolute idiots for years.
      This game is brand new, wait until the novelty wears off, and then look at it objectively

    2. It’s finished. I love the idea of this game. I was driving my car, and I ran over this npc, and it turned out it was a family member of one of my operatives. I now watch how I drive, I’ve never done that before. Any one of those npcs could be a friend or family member that prevents you from recruiting someone in the future, or who may be a unique character. The level of detail in this game, it is so immersive. It is definitely a prototype, considering it’s not perfect, this sort of mechanic has never been done before. But it’s something that could be amazing when expanded upon, especially with next gen technology, so I strongly urge you to support it, or else ubisoft may end up ditching this great idea because it underperformed. They have a habit of ditching ideas for something else when it fails as opposed to doing actual work and using creativity to make it better, and I don’t want that to happen here. So support the idea. Think of it as an investment.

  7. I already don’t like that there’s even less story than before, i loved Aidan Pierces story and that was my favorite watch dogs game, the second one was good but lacked a lot on the story compartment, sure the characters were fun and enjoyable but they just didn’t do anything with them, it was a basic revenge story, they went from mission to mission and succeeded every time. There were times when some of them, like our main character retr0 got a bad report on the system or whatever and they turned him into the most wanted in the country they made s huge deal about it and then just fixed it easily. Like yeah sure you can make cool characters and interesting personalities but we can’t relate to the characters or understand them. It’s much better to feel bad for a guy having to say goodbye to his only family in his life, after his niece died because of some mafia assholes or whatever they were than.. Oh no, I’m the most wanted man in the country.. Anyways.

    That same goes for watch dogs legion is what I’m seeing currently, like sure you have cool gamplay and all but cmon you can’t have just random characters on the street carry your story. Cool concept? Yes, but sadly i probably won’t like the game because of it..

    That being said I’m probably going to buy the game on the sale or something like that, considering i bought the las one on the release and was really disappointed.

  8. Whenever I get a repeat mission I make myself go at a different approach and sometimes I go stealthily, like a madman or just an old granny and it makes it more fun in my opinion

  9. I’ve learned with Ubisoft games it’s never the wisest choice to buy day one. They tend to go on sale pretty quickly and it’s best to go that route.

    1. @justinnba5 well it is, they need money to do literally anything, how much do you think it costs to develop a new game and pay the wages for every employee involved?

  10. Playing this game almost reminds me of Breath of the Wild as there is less story than other games in the series, but exploring and interacting with this open world sandbox are pure bliss. You will have a lot of fun if you enjoy third person shooters like GTA and MGSV.

    1. @theArchive1O How? You don’t have stats, you don’t have dialogue choices, there’s barely any quests, you power up only by doing challenges. So how exactly is more of an rpg?

    1. great to hear ! do the operators feel really unique or mostly copy/paste i mean is there a lot of different faces/heights and voices ?

    1. @Rascoe Hunter yeah i 100% agree bro as long as your having fun its worth it i just wanted to point out if you do care about story character arcs/building this is not for you

    2. @NOTHING nothing As long as the story doesn’t get in the way gameplay then I will probably like it. An example would be like Far Cry 5’s story clashing with gameplay.

    3. It’s fun but if you care about story character building ect just skip i couldn’t get attached or care about any of the characters the A I is the character i liked best tbh

  11. I think Ubisoft needs to go all in with their ideas. This game has a lot of cool features but I feel like I almost never get to use them. Instead more than half of the game becomes just another third person shooter. They should focus on encouraging players to use cool abilities instead of just shooting their way out of things.

    1. I think they need to not go all in on a single mechanic and actually invest time in making their games less repetitive and with a decent story

    2. Yeah I’ve been going through a lot of reviews trying to decide about getting the game, but I think the point of not encouraging anything was so that the player can pick any way they want approach a mission, I’ve heard in a couple other games especially where stealth is encouraged that it feels like the game pushes you towards a certain playstyle. So in the case of just shooting their eay out of things, that might just be the play style you’ve chosen, no offense intended.

    3. Even as a third person shooter , it is missing features such as hip firing, blindfiring ,and switching shoulders.

  12. I’m having fun with my time, although I’ve been wanting an open world modern London game for years, and have a soft spot for the Ubisoft formula


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