Among Us: 10 Things Players HATE

Amongst Us is a enjoyable multiplayer good time, however there are some issues that drive us completely mad.
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    Cyan: I saw orange killing brown and then venting.

    Orange: No.

    Cyan was not the imposter.

    1. It’s even worse when no one even thinks the imposter is sus, whom you literally just called as the imposter before getting voted off

    1. Every person who quits just because they didn’t get Impostor is an example of someone who needs to learn to just take the role they’re given and play the game, no matter how much they dislike said role.

    2. Most of the time yea, but not everyone does that, like sometimes i be having to do something or i get disconected

    3. While yes there are people who do that, I feel like it is mainly them getting disconnected. I have many times been disconnected due to wifi, game saying a feature from an updated version of the game is in use (even though my game doesn’t have an update). I just feel like most of the time it is not their fault.

  2. How most games go:

    Blue: I saw yellow vent

    “Yellow was not the imposter”

    Everyone: Then we vote blue

    “Blue was not the imposter”

    Pink: Green faked card swipe bar didn’t go up

    Green: if not me vote pink

    “Green was not the imposter”

    Everyone: Vote pink

    “Pink was not the imposter”

    Imposters laugh as crew votes each other out

    1. I remember i once asked “any sus?” and my crewmates just voted me out saying I am sus for saying that, a real 12.3IQ level

    2. At least they explained. Most of public games I played went like this:

      White: Red imposter
      Blue: why where?
      Red: ???

      *everyone votes red, red is not imposter

      White: blue imposter
      Blue: Huh? I’m not.
      Green: Explain pls.
      White: Blue sus. Just vote.

      *everyone votes blue. Blue is not imposter

      Green: White sus
      White: Green imposter

      *everyone votes white. White is not imposter

      Meanwhile, the imposters are just sitting there doing nothing and wins because crewmates are randomly voting each other out without any explanation.

  3. *somebody leaves because they dont get impostor*

    Me: Impostor


  4. Basically comes down to people being terrible or stupid. Youtubers like Toast make the game look fun because they play with friends and play with other upstanding people but when you play with random the chances for frustration and stupidity are much much higher than you would think.

    1. Now I understand why this game wasn’t popular till a streamer plays it. You need to play it with friends for it to be fun

    2. @J L thats the one lol my bad. I watch his intro more than I read his channel name, so my head immediately went to “my name is Kevin”

    1. It also really sucks when you’re playing with 2 imposter and the other one rats you out when you were trying not to be sus.

    1. @the gamingsurvivor haha nice! I do the same. I’m always a little apprehensive that I’ll get banned because the host wasn’t perceptive enough to realize I gave away the wrong person on purpose.

    2. I had a friend I was in Discord with trolling (we were both crew) and say he saw a guy vent at random.

      *Me:* You are trolling are you?
      *He:* People must learn not to believe every single sh°t someone posted.

      Everyone votes that guy out.
      He was an Imposter.

      Man I laughed so hard. xDDDD

    3. I troll and just say a random crewmate is imp and just let the hysteria unfold as they start to randomly vote

    1. I do it to prolong the discussion which there was barely any of. It’s almost always someone just randomly accusing someone else without any explanation and the others just agrees. Nobody replies to any questions. Whoever is blamed first gets sheep-voted out. It’s like they’re blindly speedrunning each match. Where’s the fun in that?

    2. Mine is when I’m following someone and don’t vote them out because I didn’t see them do anything they instantly accuse me of teaming

  5. When you are the impostor and the game start and they already called a emergency meeting saying that you are the impostor 🤬

    1. Hahaha, I did this to someone. Had to leave a game I had just started so I called a meeting, said lime vented and it turns out he was the imposter 😂

  6. When you find a group of people who play the game properly and know exactly what they’re doing but they dont have discord and never see them again.

    Then take another 50 hours to find a good group. All the more reason to add friends in among us.

  7. Here are a couple of my among us stories

    1. I was accused of being the imposter because I asked where the body was

    2. This person kept calling me babe and was pretending we dated even though I had no idea who they were

    3. I was imposter and a body was found which the other imposter found so instantly the other imposter said I vented even though nobody accused me and I got voted out

    1. Hm last one i have mixed feelings about. Its shady, but its a tactic. You get a lot of credibility if you screw over second impostor. However if you play out well, you both still win.

    2. My repsonse to the first one is: “How stupid do you have to be to accuse someone of being Impostor just because they asked where the body was? Are you so illogical that that’s not the first question you’d ask even though it’s possible that you just passed right by the killer?”

  8. 2:30
    I stopped using red in among us even though it’s my favourite colour for this very reason

    …also had to make my name longer since my previous name (Xen) was short and easy for a troll to just blurt out when they just felt like it

    Why are people like this though 🚶

    1. While I have yet to play among us its still gets my blood boiling when I see the inverse in compilations;

      One or Two Impostors win, then get kicked/banned from the game.

    1. I just got banned yesterday because I outsmarted the host, to make it worse, the guy admitted he was playing for the first time XD

    2. Not happend ones. But almost got banned when there wher 4 ppl left and they all vote light blue out and i sayed im imposter and you better run then brown was like bann hi. No one did ban me but was annoying


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