10 Best FREE iOS & Android Games of October 2020

In search of one thing free to play in your shiny new iPhone 12 or Android machine? Listed here are some nice free cell video games from final month.
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#10 Mutiny: Pirate Survival RPG

Platform: iOS Android

Value: Free

#9 Sword Grasp Tales

Platform: iOS Android

Value: Free

#8 Last order

Platform: Android

Value: Free

#7 Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen

Platform: iOS Android

Value: Free

#6 Phantasm Join

Platform: iOS Android

Value: Free

#5 BTS Universe Tales

Platform: iOS Android

Value: Free

#4 Creatures of Aether

Platform: iOS Android

Value: Free

#3 Badlanders

Platform: iOS Android

Value: Free

#2 eFootball PES 2021

Platform: Android iOS

Value: Free

1 Struggle Robots Multiplayer Battles REMASTERED

Platform: iOS Android

Value: Free

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Comment (64)

    1. Look up Twomad on YouTube.

      Specifically his video versus the K-pop community.

      Sums up the entire K-pop community in a nutshell.

    1. @Hang Lei wym I quitted 3 years ago cause of excessive P2W and I had been playing for approximately 6 years. That damn company

    2. @Douaib Gamer it’s definitely a p2w game, graphic updated, but there are still bugs/ glitches, i quitted 2 months ago which i felt better not letting purchasing items with real money consume my mind

  1. I remember playing war robots before. For a mobile game it’s actually pretty fun. But I’m kind of surprised he didn’t mention among us

    1. @Harrys Yodi Hermawan yeah but they keep mentioning cyberpunk and I’m sure everyone on the channel already knows about cyberpunk 2077 at this point

    2. @sparky 2 vast majority of people simply know among us More than anything because memes and the games is crossplay on mobile and pc, my friends that is not a gamer even know about among us

    3. @sparky 2 they mention cyberpunk in weekly update videos, they didn’t mention among us in THIS video because it was released two years ago, not new in October of 2020… it’s literally in the title

    1. Even his tired voice is smooth… half the reason I watch gameranx videos is for Falcon… the other half is bc I am a video game nerd.

  2. Imma say one thing that no.1 spot, now even though war robots is free its a heavy pay to win, i know this because i used to play this a couple of years ago and its already showing some PTW content and from war robots i can tell that its still a PTW game, maybe im wrong but i dont recommend playing war robots

    1. Yup it’s definitely a pay to win game. A lot of mobile games have gone downhill like this one because they added a bunch of pay to win stuff.

    1. Cause they are all terribly sucky games that definitely paid him to sponsor it on a top 10 none of these are actually any good. Give battle night a try tho. It’s a gatcha but I’ve never been so lucky or rewarded like this game had been to me. So give it a try

  3. War Robots is cash grab, pay to win, full with microtransactions and loot boxes, gambling trash! Game and developers were good 4 years ago but studio got sold on russians and I wasted years trying to complete with 5000$ payers. hope angry joe will rant on it one day

    1. @Harmeet Chavda I mean Falcon is lazy and unprofessional in almost all of his videos. He rambles and repeats himself about many things, he is very biased, and he uses words incorrectly or pronounces them wrong often.

  4. Man, I remember playing amazing racing games, action adventures, near console quality FPS games at one point on my phone. And suddenly all we are getting are crappy gacha games, crappy pay 2 win multiplayer games and clones of Bejeweled. And 99% of the games released they are not even trying making a decent game. And people still play them and gladly pay hundreds of dollars. It’s sad.

  5. Sky: Children of the Light should be on here, but it just came out so I guess that makes sense why it didn’t cut it in time.

  6. Seeing all these “games” makes me want to make decent mobile games.

    Then I realize that:
    1: Idk how to run a business
    2: Idk how to make games

    Hey, not much different from the companies that make these games. Maybe I got a fighting chance.

  7. I finished this video in 2 minutes, i broke my record of how many times i skipped 10 sec of a video, i wonder why i even watch them i hope i get a decent game out of this monthly list someday

    BTW, that number 5 was skipped so hard i didn’t get number 6’s name lol

    1. Soul knight is an amazing game, very similar to enter the gungeoun it has micro transactions but they are not engregious, and the dev has another great title called we happy restaurant this one however is just a “city manager” style of game like simpsons tapped out or other games of that ilk


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