10 Gamestop MISTAKES They Want You To Forget

North American online game retailer GameStop has had its fair proportion of issues by way of out the years. Listed here are some large errors that drive some gaming shoppers loopy.
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  1. What really sucks about gamestop is that the people who make the policies aren’t the once having to perform them. So you get 2 people forced to have a conversation that neither wants to so some wealthy person up the chain can make the real money.

    1. I don’t think people realize the amount of side companies/subsidiaries GameStop owns. As a result, this allows them to keep a cash flow going even if GameStop stores themselves aren’t generating profits. Plus, if times get real tough, they can sell a not so profitable one off for a quick 5-20 million depending on what it is. Did a term paper on GameStop while getting my MBA, I was actually surprised how much GameStop actually owns.

    2. Don’t they sell alot of exclusive versions of games you can only buy at GameStop? That might contribute to keeping the store running, but I’m unsure of what else could help because they’re an absolute rip off to buy standard edition games from.
      It really puts people off buying anything besides exclusives and I personally don’t buy from them for that reason.
      Edit: Forgot to add that the exclusive/premium editions are overpriced too!

    3. Reggie and Microsoft arevsaving their asses right now. Although I got to be honest my game stop’s awesome love the people in it

    1. @Ian Deluglio Isn’t that your fault as a customer though? A shop, even a speciality retailer like GameStop is with video games, can’t stock all the stock of every game. Do your research before making the journey, it will save you time and money 🙂

    2. On my case, similar but they tell me they don’t have it in-stock but there is other local GameStop that does. They make the call letting know I’m picking up the game.

    3. So my boss used to get mad at me for finding the game at a store less than 3 miles away instead of ordering it. She tried justifying it saying they didnt want to drive that far. I was like they do so they can have the game today and it was literally 10 mins away shot was ridiculous. They dont train the employees either I became promoted just because everyone quit boom next day I have keys to the store. I only worked there a month prior lol.

  2. I was excited and wanted to read booklet of assassin’s Creed 3 on my way out and found that the disc wasn’t there, thankfully I was in front of store and went back in and got the copy

  3. I can say I’ve never had any negative experiences with Gamestop the staff at my local store are always super friendly and never pushy or annoying I will always have a place in my heart for my local store

    1. oh so your the one that is talking with the employees while I’m trying to get out of there with a game i could only find there. There is nothing more frustrating than someone who thinks the people behind the counter are there friends. They get paid to be friendly please move on and let us behind you out of that store.

    2. @Lone Stoner yeah mine is a great store but I live in Idaho Falls. A smallish city. (Actually the same town from that TikTok skateboarding guy)

  4. I literally just walked out of a GameStop before watching this video and yes, the hassle around trying to get u to join the pro membership whatever is super real. Dude asked me like 5 different times if I wanted to join and I’m like “nah” and then like lawyer style tries to like defend the Membership like it was on trial or something. Like I buy one game every three months, I’m not 15 anymore. I don’t frequent Gamestop enough to justify paying for essentially a magazine subscription.

    1. Yeah, I mean the only reason I have a pro subscription is because my mom bought like 3 games every Christmas and made it in my name.

    2. At the EBGames (Canada’s GameStop) near me, I never received any hassle, and of the stores I had visited I rarely if ever have them try and upswell me too hard. The one GameStop I’m the US I did visit were friendly and never oversold anything.

      So I guess maybe it’s regional and based on toxic management?

  5. I remember when Injustice 2 came out I really just didn’t like it despite really loving the first one, so I went to trade it in about 2 weeks after its release and I got offered 8 bucks for it. 8.

    1. There’s a vid somewhere here on YouTube of a guy trading in a brand new game day 1 and only getting like 10 bucks. Brand new, fresh out the factory, unopened, $60 game.

  6. I remember buying “new” copies of Tomb Raider Legend, and Mario & Luigi Partners in Time. I received two opened cases. The Tomb Raider disc was VERY obviously used, and totally scratched up. M & L had an intact save file still on the cartridge, where the original owner played through pretty much the entire game.

    I still remember being asked at least 3 times to sign up for that stupid rewards program. I haven’t set foot in a GameStop since 2006.

    1. One Gamestop near me has fast food restaurants on either side. A froyo place and a Five Guys. There’s also a Panda Express next to the froyo. The other has a game store, like Magic and roleplaying games, on one side and a Joanne’s on the other side.

    2. One I frequent has a Victoria’s Secret next to it. Not all bad if you’re dating or married but if you’re single… wear deodorant.

  7. 6:40 clerk: please sir just accept the card gamestop wont let my family go free if I dont sign up another 5 people

  8. The empty box is cause they have like a drawer of disks and cases separately so when they let you purchase the game they forget to put the disk in the box.

    1. Yeah I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Gamestop where the cases are “full” on the shelf, you always bring it up and they get the sleeved disc out of one of the drawers behind the counter. So if you get an empty box it’s because they forgot to put one in so watch when you go to check out and make sure they hit them all if you’re picking up multiple games.

    2. I understand why they do it cause I went to a gamestop and ordered a game and since it was in those envelopes and on the shelf it got stolen but they were nice and gave it to me the next day and it was like a 9 year old game

  9. I have a complicated set of feelings for GameStop. I have frequented several locations several times in my gaming life, and had good casual acquaintanceships with the staff at each one. For one, video games and tabletop games are my favorite hobbies, and there’s a lot of overlap for the two audiences, so it was, of course, natural I’d try to strike up conversations with people involved in distributing the elements of those hobbies. Some were more “company loyal” than others, yes, some did carry out the company’s policies to a point. Most of the ones I met ( in New Haven County, CT), however, did lip service to the policies and we would make offhand jokes about corporate structure. I was a cashier, myself, at the time, so I knew the deal when it came to retail pressure. We didn’t share information that was private in our respective companies, more a subtle nudge-wink to how dehumanizing our jobs were, commiseration, etc.

    I never hated game store employees. Not unless they were genuinely clueless or malicious, which was hardly ever the case. I hope there are still brick-and-mortat retailers of games, with better and more sustanable practices, in the near future. If not GameStop, then someone. I, for one, don’t want the act of buying games in person to die forever.

    1. It is such a treat to find someone else who had good experiences with GameStop. Our closest GameSrop was very family friendly and social. If I was there on my own I would chat with the manager and employees about their gaming experiences and find some things to laugh at. One time I heard about them stopping a woman from buying her 9-year-old son a T-rated game.

      One of the best things was when my Ps2 died, I went in to get that famous backwards compatible PS3. However, the store manager advised me to get a new PS2 and a new PS3. That was only $50 more than the used PS3, and then I would have a one-year warranty on both without paying extra.

  10. For when a game isn’t in a game case I think it’s because they don’t put it in it so you don’t steal it and I feel like I heard that in a video from you guys. IDK

  11. I’m sitting here laughing at these practices from the prospective of a pc gamer. Then I realize, looking at my bloated steam library, that I’m stuck with them. I can’t even sell them for 1% return. I miss the old days

  12. #10 Tends to happen when the person ringing you up is distracted, be a customer calling while they are ringing you up, a bunch of people coming in the store when you are getting rung up, and you can be discussing video game related things with the employee ringing you up and they forget to check the box. And so so many other scenarios 🤓

  13. Best experience for 10; bought a game just before closing and when I got home, realised the wrong disc was in the case. Luckily it was for the game before the one I bought in the series, so I no-lifed it in one night and went back the next day to get the correct disc.

  14. Gamestop Corporate tends to act like a “AAA Developer” and that sucks for the employees at your home store who you have grown into a solid friendship with 🥺😢

    1. My boss works around my depression. No other boss has ever been so willing to work with me around my healing. I wish we worked somewhere else

  15. I miss having a GameCrazy in my town! 😭 It was like GameStop but it was paired with a Hollywood Video and the employees were really nice and always gave us copies of game magazines for being members ❤️😇

    1. AYEEE OMG i remember going to hollywood video with my mom every weekend and sayin “see ya I’ll be in game crazy.”


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