Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

Murderer's Creed Valhalla is releasing quickly on PC, PS5, Xbox Sequence X, PS4, and Xbox One. Right here's all the pieces it is advisable know to be caught up earlier than launch.
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Day One replace

Normal, gold, final, collector's version

System Necessities

Set up measurement

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  1. 4:26 – King Arthur’s Excalibur can be seen on display at The Tower in London during a Watch Dogs Legion mission. The sword looks nice, and is likely the same model used in Assassins Creed: Valhalla

    1. @N1ce Dreams first witcher 3 is not perfect
      second so what if it has 2 other games? why would i give a frick about them

    2. @N1ce Dreams Well it feels like the witcher 3 thanks to the bigger map sometimes something is just as it is i actually like 2 more than 3 but this feels more like 3

  2. I hope this game scratches that “Skyrim” itch I’ve been having the last few years. Hoping to play this for a while…

    1. Actually it is the first time a European discover the continent of America,they did not reach USA,but the island of Newfoundland.

  3. *puts on best Hermione Granger voice* “It’s pronounced Mercy-AH not Muri-CA” xD Love ya falcon, i just had to do it.

    1. @Ravenclaw Gamer bruh same
      i litteraly had an ancient greek class and no one expected it and they were asking us about the gods
      i dont know how but i got a fullmark
      at that time i played odyssey just last night before the class

    2. @How About a round of gwent? true i stopped playing it when I lost my world which is low effort but hey my house was decent and didn’t looked like it was stolen from a villager I also had a farm going by myself with the irish potatoes

    1. @el bosman Thank you, i’m one of the rarer Americans that thoroughly enjoys reading about and learning history. 😊

    2. @Jaela Ordo Nobody said they don’t know how to read, I just said Americans SHOULD learn to read. Everyone should learn to read 🤷‍♂️

    1. @André Corazza Miguens I inherited my mother’s sense of direction. She could get lost finding her way to the bathroom. LOL

    1. Lots of people say there was 7 kingdoms. There wrong for that time period, this is set when King Alfred was trying to united the kingdoms at this time there should be 5, down from 7. Everyone’s wrong

    2. To be honest even when he says Wessex it sounds off quite a bit. To much emphasis on the sex part. Let it roll of the tongue. Wessix almost

    1. @Hattchetman it was dude, totally. I watched the first three seasons multiple times over the years, and loved them all… S04 on the other hand, was a chore to get through ONCE and often found myself literally laughing out loud at how ridiculous it was. The show is completely different now and hardly anyone is acknowledging it.


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