The PS5 remake of Demon's Souls is releasing quickly, so we've gathered among the finest information of what has modified this time round. Sources beneath.
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    1. I agree with that. It was the worst feeling to pick something up only to be told no then it despawned because you interacted with it.

  1. Oh man, when I platinumed Demon Souls I was so happy to never grind in that game again… might be doing it again, I hope the item dupe is still there!

    1. @Crolicious exactly bloodborne was my first platinum and my first souls game, i struggled like every one does but since then I’ve platinum them all demons being my latest on ps3 it was a walk in the park one of my easiest platinums after playing all the others games.

    2. just play the game and do absolutely everything. takes a few hours, but it aint hard. its the same in every souls like game. got platin for everyone of them. even for the original and remaster versions xd. after you played those games for so long they are pretty much easier than riding a bike.

    3. Yooo. I’m going for the platinum but I think I messed up my chances of getting the Dragon Bone Smasher. I didn’t reach Pure White World Tendency after killing Dragon God…

      Oh well, here I go killing through Stonefang Tunnel again in NG++

  2. Bonus fact: The original sound track has been remade, this time with a live orchestra (like Bloodbourne). The soundtrack will also be available to buy in November, outside the Digital Deluxe edition.

    1. People think Dark Souls Skeletons were nightmares, Demons Souls Skeletons always seem like they just taking glancing blows if you go by reactions, granted some are metal skeletons.

    1. They should just put the tips in a menu for you to browse and let the load times be nothing. Or have you press a button once it’s done loading to continue the game so you can finish reading the tips.

  3. I bought a PS3 for Demon’s Souls, a PS4 for Bloodborne, and now a PS5 for Demon’s Souls. I’ve put so much time into Soulsborne/Sekiro, I honestly can’t decide which game is my favorite

    1. @OVERLOAD25 id also have to say Bloodborne is by far there best game from what I’ve played *never touched demon souls* so it might change but Blpodborne was a fucking masterpiece

    2. @RoachDogg Jr sorry mate demons is good but not on them games level, from software only got better id rank them
      2.dark souls
      4.dark souls 3
      5.dark souls 2
      6.demons souls

    1. Man Idk I love all fromsoft games. It’s really hard for me to choose. To the first in demon souls to the last ds 3 even the differents like code vein and most definitely sekiro they all hold a special place in my heart.

    2. Sekiro for sure, for me the second half of bloodborne and the chalice dungeons take it down too much to be my favourite.

    1. Best Buy, Target, Walmart are confirmed to have launch day stock. How they’ll handle selling the stock may differ by store, so look it up! Only serious buyers will stand a chance to get one next wave

    1. @dvssk8er3 No I’m planning on getting an Xbox Series X, because of the backwards compatibility, I wanted the PS5 for the exclusives though

  4. I’m going to get this for one of the first games on the PS5 (when they have more stock, i have £500 in already and i get paid soon so i’m excited to get one) despite the fact that i’m not good at these games so this is gonna be a mighty challenge but because of how phenomenal Blupoint’s remakes are, i’m really excited for it 🙂

    1. well it’s even before they got ps3 rebrand lol still if demon soul isnt fail darksoul will not get multi platform and soul game woudn’t be popular…it’s alway one of my favorite of all time cause at the time ff xiii really disappoint me hard and i’m almost feel bad to get ps3.

    2. @『Seiba』 lol no Demons Souls weren’t popular, at all. It was considered a failure both in Japan and in the US when it was released. It started gaining a cult following afterwards but it was never mainstream. Many people only “discovered” Demons Souls after Dark Souls became a hit.

      People are looking at Demons Souls with nostalgia goggles. It was unique, but also very janky and clunky to play, with some mechanics that don’t fit well into Souls game. It was a big experiment so Dark Souls could be successful, but it was honestly not that good originally.

    1. I hear that most people find the first souls game that they play the hardest. For me that was bloodborne. Somewhere along the way everyone “gets good”

    2. @Michael Markowsky I really wanted to go into Bloodborne after Sekiro but it wasn’t on PC, unlike every other game in the series and I didn’t pick it up when it was free on Playstation but it’s definitely the one Im really excited for.


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