SPIDER-MAN MILES MORALES Official TV Commercial (PS5, 4K)

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Marvel's SPIDER-MAN MILES MORALES Official TV Commercial (PS5, 4K) 2020
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Comment (54)

  1. Jaden Smith is the perfect artist for this game. Miles Morales+Jaden’s rapping = an awsome game💯

  2. On wat platform can I find this song I couldn’t find it on Spotify or YouTube pls reply fast is it even released yet

  3. Only 30 seconds……let me process this first. Miles gets knocked out into the street fights the tinkerer and her goons in his own spider like fashion while using his new abilities…….wow

  4. Its actually called way up its on the into the spiderverse sound track. If you listen some of the verses in this trailer are in that song.

    1. @I’m a toasty boy you’re thinking of way up, this one is actually a new one called I’m ready, tho I can’t cap I thought it was the one from SpiderVerse when I first heard it too.


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