Xbox Series X – Before You Buy [4K]

The Xbox Series X launch date is correct across the nook. We've been utilizing one for about three weeks. Right here's our verdict thus far.
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    1. @King Shibe So I guessed summer 2013 and it came out on the back end of summer 2013 in September? And you’re calling me dumb why? I was right.

      What’s your problem you hostile little man? Jesus I love lolling at the intellectually challenged creatures that inhabit these comment threads at the best of times. But clearly you’re a few inches short of a real man, if you catch my drift there chipolata 😘

      I’ll take that apology now. Actually don’t bother, I think I’m going to lay into you a little. I don’t appreciate being called dumb by someone that can’t read.

      Edit: Completely not expecting an apology off of you. You don’t really strike me as the kind of person that is man enough to realise their own faults and be held accountable for their own “short”comings. You seem more the kind of angry little man that suffers from Napoleon Syndrome and spends his life trying to compete with everyone around him to feel good about himself. Pretty sad really little man. Get help for your anger issues, or your cycle of perpetual anger will never end. You’ll always be an angry little man, and dumber than everyone you point your stubby little finger at. And whilst you’re at it, learn to read 🥳

  1. Those quick GTA V load times would have saved me out of some sticky situations when i was younger. Especially when my parents were around when I was playing 😂

    1. @Mr. Muffin Man The Xbox Series X is approximately 20% more powerful than the PS5 and the Xbox has a better cooling system. I’m not sure where you get your information but it’s bogus.

    2. @Soviet Walrus no that console is more powerful but it cant really use it but the ps5 has a way better cooling system and a faster ssd which means there is no loading times and ps5 can compete with the xbox because it get alot of the data online when the xbox actually has to do the processing so it’s likely the ps5 will play better than the xbox.

    3. @Soviet Walrus mmmh naaah The advantage is miniscule in cpu and gpu but the SSD advantage makes xbox look like an current gen console lmao. Just sayin 😶

    4. @Judah Macabee i started to play gta when game pass just came out and loved it but it was on sale brought it and it is working without disc nice loads times is pain but i get water or few snacks too.

  2. When he said daily life he means it. Spending some quality time with the next gen consoles. For me that will be with the PlayStation 5. Anyway great review on the Xbox Series X, I’m excited for the people who play on Xbox.

    1. @Cryer24597 not really maybe it’s just ur opinion but like i said both just do hateful stuff to eachother other than enjoy both… proof xbox fanboys attack ps community just because the system is slightly more powerful but they brag it like ps is underpowered, even a fanboy tried to attack one with these things in the comment section here… thats just one of many & both are just plain wrong both consoles are great so why not enjoy them, both has something the other don’t & for 1st time both are compiling enough to get both. Sorry for dragging on but lets be honest xbox community is bad as the ps community..,

    2. @[AMV] Anime Gød so? There are events in ps where xbox fanboys just come to ruin it for everyone
      Edit: if the xbox community is good as they say or like they claim be the bigger person not do the same things or worser than the ps community does…

    3. @omar gamal PS fanboys are so much worse and everyone knows it. Even unbiased people always comment on how awful PS fanboys are. I’m not saying that their aren’t toxic Xbox fanboys but PS fanboys are much worse.

    1. Too bad this didn’t come out when I was still living with my parents. Would’ve saved a lot of awkward time with that load screen 😂

    1. A lot of pc elitists in the replies
      You absolutely CAN NOT build a pc as powerful as a series x or ps5 for 500$. Thats plain stupid. Yes you can buy more powerful gpu’s and cpu’s and ssd’s but the whole package is way more expensive than a console. Consoles are sold as a loss. Thats why they’re cheaper. If you have the money PCs are great and the best in everything, if you don’t, consoles are the best option and they’re absolutely worth it.

    2. @some person no gaming is not actually gaming. After growing up on consoles and pcs as a kid. I can understand there is a massive difference between the experiences and there are big cons for the industry because of the focus on consoles. Consoles are great but they hold the industry back by being the main focus in these years

  3. I would pkay GTA V everyday with those loadscreens, absolutely love it, just chilling on an FOS game and jump to GTA casually it’s next gen

  4. As a ps player I’m very impressed but I’m sticking with a ps5 until I can also get a Xbox I hope those who get the Xbox truly have a great time with it

    1. Same to the PS guys. I prefer power, but I must say, Demon’s Souls Remake is such a tempting prospect, but I’ll have to go with the long haul option here.

    1. @AwesomeAaronOfficial Not a Perfect president? He cheated on his third wife with a Pornstar. He constantly lies about obvious facts. He doesn’t believe in Science or Climate change. Under his leadership, USA has highest COVID cases and deaths in entire world. As a foreigner, it still blows my mind how q sane person can support him.

    2. @AwesomeAaronOfficial Trump is responsible for so many deaths in your country. But you go ahead and keep defending him.

  5. 1:05 So we’re just going to ignore the Xbox Series X just sitting on a pile of leaves and moss in the middle of nowhere?


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