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PS5 and Xbox Series X evaluations and gameplay movies drop, Todd Howard and Bethesda discuss Starfield and Elder Scrolls, one other spherical of game delays, and extra in per week FULL of gaming information.



Bethesda talks Starfield

*PS5 and Xbox Series X evaluations*

Series X Earlier than You Purchase:
ACG on Xbox:
Yong on Spider-Man Miles Morales:
USgamer PS5 overview:
Digital Foundry on PS5 backwards compat:

PS5 gross sales day heads up

Bloodrayne returns

Mass Impact remastered


Kerbal is much off:

Elden Ring nonetheless exists

The Medium delayed

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  1. Happy Friday (if you’re watching on Friday)
    hope you have a great weekend and play somethin’ if possible. Let us know what.

    1. this comment nearly made me vomit. I was just starting to make breakthroughs with my trauma, now I’m triggered… CUUUUURRSSE YOOOUUUU TOOOODD HOWAAAAAARD

  2. “ugh why do they keep putting microtransactions in games”

    because you dingles keep paying them

    1. @Dave da Silva You are correct that games should cost more but lets not delude ourselves : they could charge $200 a game and microtransactions would still be in games as long as people are buying them. The only way to get rid of them is for no one to buy them ever.

    2. @Dave da Silva based on everything you just said you’ve never looked at the reports for games and how much they make. People shouldn’t be paying $60 they could be paying $30 and they would still be making double the investment they put in themselves. Do research and stop simping for companies that want more money so they lie to idiots like you because it’s easy to do.

    3. @mid as in 1990s average AAA studio was sub 50 people. Now it’s 200-300.

      The salaries should have grown with inflation. So in person cost alone the cost of making a game in 1990s compared to now has grown four-fold plus inflation.

      But if you have ever run a business you will know that increasing number of people grows cost disproportionately. So let’s say that the cost of production is 5 times.

      Now let’s look at media and gamers complaining that Square Enix needed X million sales to justify continuing their series’. It easily adds up.

      If a game is costing you several millions to make, you need many times that I’m profit to allow you to spend another 4 years in a brand new IP that won’t make money at all in the development period.

      Trumpeting naive and simplified “economics” to justify gamers continuing to underpay for software is annoyingly common at this point. Acting like the supply and demand model that controls costs in a factory assembly will apply to a creative product and then wondering why creativity reduces and companies start trying to find alternative revenue sources….

  3. I just want to know how many times Jake has said “With Cyberpunk just around the corner…” I’m excited for it but I really wanna know the over under haha.

    1. Hey everybody remember The Outer Worlds? No? It was this game everybody hyped up to be “fallout new vegas 2 but in space” and then it turned out to be a mediocre space fps rpg. Not a bad game, but nothing at all like what it was hyped up to be. I’m getting similar vibes. I pray to the gods of gaming that it at the extreme least achieves “instantly forgettable” status, rather than “fallout 76 style infamy” status… But I’m not gonna hold my breath.

    2. @Kevin it’s not disappointing if you know what you are getting into

      Alot people think it’s gonna be like fallout or gta
      Those are bound to be disappointed

  4. If I ever end up in the US, I’ll find this guy’s house, knock on the door, and when he shows up, I’ll ask him to buy me a pizza, because he promised me.

  5. I personally enjoy just knowing that something is being made, and knowing that they are putting in the effort where it’s needed. The longer it takes, the better, imo, as that likely means a better product

    1. @gameranx YEAH! I remember playing it when it came out and being like, “I CAN SUCK THEIR BLOOD FROM SO FAR AWAY!!!” Lol

    1. This might be my only time to set it vertical
      Only cause the stand looks pretty sturdy for it and the faceplates would look weird horizontal for me

  6. Gamers: *Full rage mode about how loot boxes and microtransactions destroy games*
    95% of gamers: “Look at that new item that was released… Lets buy it, it’s only 5dollars”
    Silence is golden

    1. I do actually buy stuff, not loot boxes but dlcs and add-ons some costumes but in fairness, I don’t go on ranting about microtransactions if its for good stuff and cheap like your example I’m not bothered.

    2. It’s all cos human brains suck.

      Games have been 60 quid since 90s.
      That’s ~120 today with inflation.
      Games cost way more to make today than the 90s.
      Gamers fiercely fight raising the price of games.

      Also Gamers “5 for a skin is fine”

      Same reason we balk at paying to go to the cinema so they have to put massive premiums on all the food. Cos getting everyone to spend 10 quid more for a ticket is really hard, but getting everyone to buy some peanut MnMs for a 200% markup is easier. It’s a particularly good comparison because, despite everyone complaining about the markup in the food, you still buy a drink every time you go. Lots of vocal complaining but billions in revenue.

      Basically you need to split it into smaller chunks. You still pay the same amount overall, but your stupid monkey brain doesn’t register it. Problem is that it is SO effective it’s going to destroy our games in the long run.

    3. I think the figures are in reverse here. A vast majority of people hate microtransactions, but for those that support it; they have the money to support it, and it is these big spenders that add up.

    1. EA did a superb job 6 months ago with Command & Conquer Remastered, so hopefully whatever they do with ME will be industry-leading also.

    2. EA going to charge you for Mass effect remastered. Get an Xbox one and get the original games with dlc probly be cheaper than the remastered for next gen.

    3. @Darth Vader oh yea I’ve heard all about that. I’m sure EA won’t go that far but as long as we get all the dlc that should help

  7. I’m still currently the antithesis of a fanboy as I’ve spent 160+ hours playing Breath of the wild, emulated on PC, with an Xbone controller, on a Sony TV.

    1. @Jolan jakers Cemu 🙂 really easy to use, not a lot that can go wrong with it. Have a look on yt for tutorials

    1. @Armstrong Canon I told them the pizza was on Jake but when they asked for his payment information I told them to forward the charges to his social media and they hung up. 😥

  8. I actually really like how Todd Howard does it with the game updates…. I remember how dang excited I was watching the Fallout 4 conference and how insane it was when he said it would be out in like, 2 months… Instant jaw drop


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