7 AGGRAVATING True Endings We Hated Unlocking

Some video game endings simply aren't definitely worth the effort. Listed here are some examples that drove us loopy. Subscribe for extra:

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    1. @Raimi Forever I prefer finding the riddler’s trophies anyday than those stupid predator ranked missions in batman arkham city, they’re so arbitrarily annoying it’s ridiculous, I have limited time to play in my day and I’m still playing about an hour a day to finish it, only to do it AGAIN with Catwoman which is the worst character in the game imo, and then… Arkham Origins has some misseable achievements. Those games are filled with padding, they should’ve tonned it down dammit lmao.

    2. I would make an excuse for Sekiro. At least the items you needed to collect for the true ending aren’t meaningless. They all have lore significance, and will open up paths to secret levels and bosses, which is awesome. It’s very convoluted, yes, but finding secrets in Souls-like games feels rewarding rather than just a waste of time.

  1. I’m surprised they didn’t mention Asura’s Wrath or Kingdom Hearts 3 where you have to pay for the dlc to get the true ending.

  2. For me, the True Ending in Payday 2. It was okay to unlock the 20 achievements, but the Stalker Achievement was hard af.

    1. And that’s before you enter the secret area in the Whitehouse and have to fend off waves after waves of shadow monsters while you or your buddy has to figure out the code to open the doorway to the pyramid chamber.

    1. @Drunken Jukester it’s actually in this video, the one where there’s a reenactment of Bruce’s parents in crime alley, but with a Batman that’s looks like a spectre on the rooftop

    1. I also loved PoP series.That part in Worrior Within where Dahaka is chasing you was so great to me.I would love it if they made a remake.

  3. I recently finished Shadow of War (the “true” ending, after those additional missions…) and I hated every moment of it.

    1. @Jevin Woods Absolutely! Hey, I’m all for giving something for 100% completion, like an exclusive skin or something that says, “Look at me, aren’t I fabulous at this!” as those who do deserve it, but to lock off part of the actual story like the Knightfall bit of Arkham Knight, just seems a bit shite on their part and unfair to people who by rights should have unlocked the content when they paid for the bleedin’ game.

    2. @Drew Rivers I got to thr last mission for the riddler and when he told me I have to collect all his trophies I left him alone the rest of the game 😂 its sad cause the fights and riddles with catwoman was cool

  4. When I was trying to beat Max Payne (NY minute) back in the day I got so mad I flung that disc like a frisbee out my window and never looked back.

  5. Persona 4 golden I have gotten the true ending multiple times it really can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing I sometimes still screw up 😅

    1. Funny enough there are a lot of allegations that the novel was a rip off of fan fiction stories Lol. Everyone in Japan hates the novel and considers it non Cannon as well.


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