8 Little Things That ANNOY Gamers

Typically it's the tiny/meaningless points in video games that trouble us essentially the most. Listed here are some petty examples of issues in video games that drive us loopy.
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  1. What I hate the most in games, when you have 2 ways to go, one is going into a room where some collectibles can be picked, the other is the way to keep going with the story, sometimes you have to risk where to go and sometimes a cut scene takes you away from that section and you can’t go back to check out the other room. That’s what I hate the most!

    1. @Primal Convoy
      I actually find Final Fantasy combat a lot of fun and I skip boss guides or recommended grinding methods 99.9% of the time so I don’t feel like I’m cheating totally. So I still find good reasons to play these games personally rather than just watch walkthroughs. Also with a game like FF9 where there is no voice acting I like to have control over speech bubbles.

    2. This is why EVERY GAME no matter what level structure it has needs manual save system, weather it’s quick save or specific save points you can manually use.

    3. @Ada Alonso Not true. The main game’s endings are linked to certain choices, which you might have missed, due to exploring all the other options. There are also side quests that suffer from this too.

    4. @Sir Billius or better yet; just watch a walkthrough, sans commentary, at YouTube, and then you don’t even need to bother playing the game (which is what I did with Fallout 4).

    5. @Zeruss01

      That’s another reason why I wait to buy the GOTY/Ultimate edition of games, so they end up being cheaper, with most bugs fixed and there is usually a wiki in existence to help me get everything I wanted out of the game.

  2. Cutscenes that cannot be skipped. I generally watch cutscenes the first time but if I have to replay a mission I rarely want to rewatch the cutscene, particularly if it is a long one.

    1. better that game breakin bug cause by day 1 patch.. don’t fore player to update if they not sure the date don’t cause a bug..

    2. And the best part is if the last autosave was right before that unskippable 10 minute cutscene and after the cutscene comes a tough enemy or boss fight. You die, load the last save and have to watch the same cutscene again for the umpteenth time.

    1. That’s why I never finished Black. After failing a mission and having to sit through an unskippable cut scene like 4 times I was fucking DONE.

  3. I think what annoys me the most, is when you need to clear an area of enemies before progressing… and, for whatever reason, the last couple of enemies are glitched in the ground or never spawned properly, making it impossible to proceed.

    I’m looking at you, Raiders in the Museum Of Freedom!

    1. Fallout 76 workbench defense………… Stupid mole rats get stuck in an endless loop of surfacing then immediately burrowing

    1. Small tip that use to help me, when u notice/find your hands sweating, go to the bathroom and wash your hands with soap and water
      I don’t know why, but that seemed to help me when I play video games

    2. Means you are holding the controller too tight, are playing in an area that should be cooler/better ventilated, and/or don’t wash your hands often enough.

  4. When you’ve got to follow an npc to a location but they’re walking too fast for you to walk yet too slow for you to run with them :/

    1. The Witcher 3 fixed it, NPC’s run with you in same speed. If you walk slow they walk slow, if you run fast they run fast.

    1. @Fuzzy D They asked us what bugs us in games. That is my thing. I’d be lying if I put something else. Just like nobody asked for your opinion but it’s here anyway.

    2. There is this concept called ‘saying no’. You don’t have to spend real money. Vote with your wallet by not spending. Who’d have thought?!

    1. I was just going to make this comment. You don’t have to talk to the crazy guy (No-Bark) at all for Boone’s quest. If someone hasn’t done it before you just talk to people around town. They clue you in on a couple suspects. You then search their rooms/office for evidence. No-Bark does give you the most direct route to peg the right suspect, but isn’t necessary to figure out what happened.

    1. The subtitles are too small and there is no settings option to make them bigger.
      I’m a PS4 user, and I’m sure that I’ve played a few games where they tested the console port on a monitor on the other side of the desk instead of a TV on the other side of the room.

      Settings -> Accessibility -> Enable screen zoom.

  5. Title: 8 Little Things That Annoy Gamers
    Meanwhile some little kid: *screaming about 10 ping and breaking stuff in his room*

    1. lol. I’m old enough where I’m still amazed that these games work in the first place. I mean that server is 500 miles away through unknown routers with 10000 other people accessing it.

    1. Or any of the earlier Metal Gear Solid games when the phone rang or you needed to use the bathroom… but nope, you’re in the middle of a 15 minute cutscene and the only way to pause is to skip it entirely and reload a previous save!

  6. in new vegas boone was always my favourite early companion i found him easy the first time and never had trouble with the quest either

    1. I mean, how difficult was it to ask around, corroborate stories about his wife and find the guilty person? You don’t even need to talk to no-bark to figure it out.

    1. @First Last Exactly (btw, that is interesting). Some people just prefer having their hand. They’re new so they don’t get how these games work. They can’t appreciate exploration (Skyrim was my first RPG and honestly, I can’t go back. I can play other genres, of course, but I prefer RPGs like Skyrim now). If there were more games with a hand-holding option, I think more people would be gamers because they could get used to games enough to not need them


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