10 Things We ALL Do To Get a Feel For a Game

Typically, when getting adjusted to a new video game, we do some actually dumb issues. Listed below are some examples of issues all of us admit attempting in new video games.
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    1. I did something similar in Dark Souls 2 by accident: i got soaked in oil but could avoid all the fires, arrows, everything they threw at me. Then i equipped a piromancy. The result was unexpected.

    1. Hell yeah brother,i doubt there’s a living person that plays FPS games and doesn’t look at least once to see the character’s feet or if there are any right? =)))

    2. I remember my sister playing halo 4 ( very briefly, took a lot to convince her) she tried to shoot her feet.

      Good times, good times…..

    1. Especially in sleeping dogs where if I push them if they insult me in any way..

      They’re getting a flying spin kick to they’re head!

    1. Landing on a planet (games like borderlands 3/ no man’s sky) and jumping to test the gravity…. Being disappointed no matter the result

    1. c) if B is true, can I share the burn effect to the NPC nearest to me?
      d) how long does it take for my character to die while being burned (stationary), then test it again but this time while running 😂

    1. Or breaks,let’s face it everyone tries to shoot or hit or punch a door to see if its breakable or openable if you shoot/hit it in any way XD

  1. “Hello friendly NPC, I just need to check real quick…” *pulls trigger… gun does not fire. “K cool, have a good life.”

    1. @Nite Lite Yup lol. It’s now a Saints Row clone. The only difference is you can’t upgrade your character to the point where anyone who doesn’t know the game will immediately assume you’re using cheats.

  2. If a game has a stealth system, I test it out a lot, since stealth systems can vary wildly. Does the enemy react to sound? How dumb is the AI?

    1. Question: What stealth based game have you guys played where the AI is actually fucking intelligent?

    1. @Stacey R. Souls games are not “fantacy” games…even though you mean fantasy..they are Arpg’s ..And regardless my point was that souls games cannot be paused.

  3. Most People: Ok, let’s find out what this game will let me do.
    Me: Ok, let’s find out what this game won’t let me do.

    1. @Mr Big4Head remember when in gtasa we if we drove on dirt it would have dirt effect that was so cool and made me drive on dirt most time

  4. Standing a fire to see if it burns. In this day and age, the answer is most likely “yes”, but in the days of games long past fire was just a prop in the environment and, just like shooting the lights out, when you found a game that hurt when you stood in the fire you were almost giddy at how advanced it was.


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