Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Doesn’t Sell XP Boosts


Assassin’s Creed followers have been waiting for since Valhalla’s announcement in April:  The game is finally out for each system (well, besides PS5, which launches with the console on Thursday), and players can begin their very own Viking journey.

Although Odyssey was still a great game. The XP acquire simply felt a bit too slow, which is why it stung that Ubisoft was promoting an XP booster for $10. When a game has a lot friction in your development, it would not really feel nice to see that you need to pay more money for a solution. Well, in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you do not have to.

Valhalla still has a storefront where you should buy cosmetics, gear, and maps to collectibles. But you will not discover XP boosters on the menu. Which may be partially as a result of backlash surrounding them in Odyssey. However extra importantly: You simply do not want them. You acquire skill points at a satisfying clip. Sure, there could also be some areas of the map which are too difficult in your current state. However you’ll all the time produce other (and equally important) options open to you.

The entire “pay for power” strategy to microtransactions can simply make players really feel cheated in the event that they already paid for a full-price game. However should you actually take pleasure in Valhalla, you possibly can still make investments more cash in other ways. Ubisoft has announced post-launch plans for the game that contain free updates and paid expansions. As well as an academic Discovery Tour mode. Contemplating the surprising success of Odyssey’s post-launch support, it must be interesting to see how Valhalla improves from.


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