Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: 10 Things The Game DOESN’T TELL YOU

Murderer's Creed Valhalla (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One) is stuffed with issues to study and secrets and techniques to seek out. Listed here are some tricks to information you in your journey.
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    1. Lol i was trying to watch this video but gave up. Thought it was my wifi haha. Thanks for the confirmation. (Location – Europe)

    1. @Shravan lol see who is saying, who has not played the game yet
      I have completed 60% of the game and I am saying : “YES” it is An Assassins creed game with almost all old stuff

    1. @Kenny Wu I’m hurt I thought I would be top comment since I addressed it first but someone else after me got that spot

  1. For those who want a pure Assassins creed assassination experience, go into settings and you can turn on one hit assassinations. allowing you to well, do what most OG fans want by using the hidden blade on enemies once, as this increases stealth gameplay in my opinion and makes it more enjoyable

  2. I am pretty sure the game will never tell you “hey, cmmn man, you’ve been playing for 6 hours, get some sleep”

  3. Also If in the modern-day section you go to Layla’s laptop and read the emails apparently the world of AC they still have covid which was a pretty fourth wall breaking thing to do lol

    1. I saw that too, pretty crazy. A subtle hint at something from devs? Always wondered how some of these super detailed documents and “stories” in some of these games were created and written. Pulled more from real world than we know? Disguised as ‘fiction’? Dunno but interesting detail either way

  4. My ancestors were vikings who came to england and now ubisoft are profiteering on my cultural heritage.
    I demand reparations in the form of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Collector’s Edition on PC

    1. @THE PHOENIX yt is at his best drug right know from a lot of bad months, algorithm is 90s extasy rave party what a good times..

    2. @Boost Killer I’m confused. You’re either asking why the people watching the vid before every vid became unwatchable are “lucky”, which is self-explanatory or you’re asking why YT is down, which literally no one here can answer.

  5. I like the assassinate 100 percent feature… Thats what an assassination is… Not a punch in the face and still see your opponent standing. Just bought the game might have to use this feature. I don’t get why the “Wolf” isn’t stealth though… Raven should be Archery… Wolves are stealth… Little nit pick but still one of mine.

    1. I think think one good option is to play the normal difficulty and no 100% assassination to play more of a fighting game. And the other cool option is to play all max difficulty and with 100% assassination to encourage you to play stealthy.
      I might try both options but only when the game is cheaper.

    2. @aaronroach i actually have that qte thing and its actually fun…its a mix of both the old OG ac and the newbies AC

    3. i’ve put 20 hours into the game already and i turned guaranteed assassination on and i love it. If you stab someone in the head, they’re gonna die lmaoo. Makes the game feel better imo.

    4. Yea that’s something that has always bugged me about stealth in games. It’s like “I’m gonna hide and shove a blade into this guys liver, but if he’s bigger than me he might not die” I’m pretty sure even a “strong dude” would die to that. I turned it on

  6. It didn’t tell me how awesome it would be seeing a place I’ve been to a thousand times in real life in a game.

    1. You know my next door neighbor said something similar when we both saw the trailer we walked out of our apartments at the same time and just stared at each other

  7. Man it feels really weird to be a stealthy assassin in this game, doesn’t feel right for a viking to be sneaking and assassinating. I feel like jin sakai all over again

    1. @Superlative less so for Odessy true, but it what i expected from a story thats so supposedly the beginning of the trilogy have a feeling thats why it felt like that, but most games not just this franchise changes there forumla for there new games most ganes do. But ever since i played Valhalla i can say Valhalla is more of a assassin’s creed game then odyssey, and does odyssey better when coming down to mechanics and etc, but i look at it like this. Odyssey wasn’t meant to be a full on ac game, i believe ubisoft mentioned that if i am not mistaken, they said its about a greek mercenary and the stufff she has to endures, the discovery of the ancients, and a time BEFORE the assassin’s. And the group cult of cosmos being what inspired the templars. To me game was fine story wise, though there was just some silly combat mechanics that made me confused and over powered weapons i still feel odyssey was meant to be the way it is because its a prequel to the trilogy. As for Orgins hell yeah that felt like an AC game in my opinion, but so does Valhalla unlike odyssey I sense they might have more of a place here. So that would only make 1 game uike the rest of the trilogy not all 3. I dont have a favorite played the old ones wasn’t interested. Played the new ones got me enjoying it, but hey to each there. own i guess.

    2. @the outsider AC now bears almost no resemblance to the original trilogy pitch that got scrapped after AC 2. I like the direction they went with origins, but at this point it’s clear that any AC element, gameplay or lore, is just there for the sake of it. You could remove every creed reference from the past 2 games, and they’d play the same. It’s clear they want to move on from the franchise, but AC is too big of an IP

    3. @Superlative because, think about ac odyssey is before the assassin’s. Also there is stealth gear in odyssey, there telling a story if there going to go futher and futher in the past ,then there shouldn’t be large elements of what we saw in the future like we saw in older games. We are going through history things will seem diluted just a little. Now that i think of it, i believe Odessy is the true beginning of the franchise, so it wouldn’t have templers or the assassin brotherhood. Even the villans in that game said there just an idea of the future to come and others will step in taking there places so You can expect Odessy to be different i knew it was going to be like that since its the beginning of the story Origins Which is the creation of the brotherhood. Odessy is the beginning of the templars, orgins is the start of of the assassin’s brotherhood.

  8. All of the navigation stuff you talk about was in the previous two games. The map isn’t cluttered with stuff if you chose to play in Exploration Mode, which was one of the first questions asked when opening the game (if I’m remembering correctly).


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