Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – Before You Buy

Murderer's Creed Valhalla (PC, PS5, Series X, PS4, Xbox One) is the most recent traditionally themed open world action RPG. How is it? Let's speak.
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  1. A lot of good and a lot of bad. Might be in the minority here, but yeah. Would love to hear your favorite Assassin’s Creed game! 👇

    1. @Kiwi I see no one mentioning AC3 and since that is the last one I played (I played all of them up to that point i believe), I have to say I liked it the best. Was the most solid with its mechanics and I liked the story enough to make it my favorite. Of the ones before that, Brotherhood is indeed really good and I have to say Revelations is underrated, but I do see both of these mentioned already.
      AC2 is very good when you come from AC1 because it improves a lot, but Brotherhood and Revelations are both better than that to me.

      That said…. it might be worth it to play AC1 and if you like it, go in order. AC1, 2, brotherhood, revelations, 3… thats what I did. tho by the time i was finished with all that i was burned out and couldnt get into black flag. Also because pirates and sailing arent really my thing i guess. havent touched AC since.

    2. This is just a random thing I noticed but is this the first game with the hidden blade above the wrist on the forearm not under?

    3. I`ve been replaying the old AC games From AC3 to Unity (i still have to play and replay Rogue and Syndicate), after playing AC Odyssey and i`m not enjoying them as much as before, specially AC4 Black Flag (which i really liked way back when). It feels like they haven`t aged well. The controls feel so much worse before the AC Origins era games, clunky and unresponsive. With it`s faults and all i`v been having more fun with Odyssey and Origins. But that just my personal experience of course.

    1. @GamerCalledBen would of been no problem if it wasnt the middle of the night for me. Still grabbed wood and started a fire tho lol

    1. @William Rivera not for me… I tried that for like 45 minutes before I gave up. Saw a lot of adds in that time 😂

    1. @Alistair Smith same dude. Am taking the same stance starting Valhalla- just cracking on with the main missions really! Many open world games are lile this these days…take ghost of Tsushima…loved it absolutely loved it but by third act i stopped doing side missions…the amount of burnout i get chasing every single thing is just too much for me! Starting to think less is more these days…

    1. @Zen Visuals They are but it’s never in your face. I didn’t even realize it until the game gifted me helix credits and i ended up at the store.

    2. The microtransactions are still there… Ipagine buying the collectors edition and not getting the cosmetics they pre programmed…

    1. @0nyx Warrior oh for sure they’re up to something… a few days ago they did something to my like button too! It doesnt turn blue , it stays white and my like doesnt show up or count. They took my like button away wtf. We are are getting censored to a crazy degree rn

  2. One thing I love about this one is the side missions don’t feel like a chore, you run into a person and usually do something that involves the area you speak to them so you can do them within like 2 minutes and they’re always really different and fun

  3. I feel like the game kinda eases up on what odessy wore down for me and I’ve really enjoyed it. Although, an og stlye AC would be great. I miss those

    1. But people more like the open world type of AC they feel more immersed into the story just my take on it I like both the og and the open world but I think I like more of the open world because it’s a cooler experience

    1. @BSGCato It looks like its just not your personal preference. Black Flag and Unity are really good games and widely loved by the ac community as Valhalla is. Just because you dislike something others can still enjoy it and thats why its still popular. Maybe you should give it a chance but it seems that you already made up your mind about a game you didn’t even play

    2. Game looks garbage tbh, I quit after ac3 and returned for unity, I did go back to play black flag though. But after giving those 3 games a chance and being disappointed, I don’t think I’ll be touching ac again, I dunno how people are still buying this series.

    3. I’ve played about 20 hours so far and I really like the story, a lot of the characters are really interesting and I enjoy hearing the voice acting, which is good as well.

  4. I’m glad there’s a real review, I’m tired of fake channels with “reviews” and it’s a quick 8min breakdown and what Ubisoft all ready told us.

    1. Yeah, my least favorite videos are ones that stretch it out for no reason.

      “How to find this chest”

      Then proceeds to spend twenty minutes talking about the lore of the game, before spending five minutes saying the story that you may go through to get to this chest, then thirty seconds on actually opening the chest

    1. @Slimzz Tv I’m pretty tolerant when it comes to bugs, so they haven’t been as off putting to me as they might be to some other people. Still having a blast. The bugs haven’t changed that.

    2. @Robert Hall
      I’m waiting for the Ultimate Gold , Definitive, Platinum, Collector’s Game of the Year Edition.

    3. @-has a masters degree in wumbology now that sucks I havent had that. I’m playing as the female and had the hood up and then took it off and was bald that was hilarious. I’m back in the beginning area going over things only a few hours in so far I’m enjoying it. (Been a long time since I have played a single player). I think this game

    1. I’m American, but according to my Ancestry DNA results i’m 10 percent Norwegian, so at least one of my ancestors had to have been a Viking. Most of my DNA, 82 percent, comes from England though, so I guess that I should be hoping for the Vikings to all die in this game since I would’ve had more ancestors fighting the Vikings rather than fighting with them.

    2. @Matthew Clark …… you could leave for england and still return to Norway to complete all objectives in Norway

    3. I went did the main quests in norway got to England because you can go back to Norway later in the game so you can still 100% the game nice little touch I think from ubisoft.👍

    1. The Vikings were known for their ability to defy gravity.
      Their longboats and Viking longhouses were shaped that way as a result of living in constant zero-g.

    2. @callum moore The problem with your statement is that Assassin’s Creed is already at a point where it’s really no longer an AC game anymore. Vastly improving the combat so it no longer feels arcady & janky isn’t going to diminish the series anymore than it already has. Like I’ve already said, one of the biggest criticisms this game is receiving is how bad the combat is.

    3. @MexicanJoker no but I mean then it wouldn’t be assassins creed anymore, it has to stick to some form of source material otherwise when a game becomes something else it loses a lot of the fan base

    4. @callum moore I have to disagree with you on that type of combat not working for this type of game. In fact it would make this game miles better.

    5. @Eelke van der Brug hmm, the combat from the first games is imo just spamming the same buttons. So how do you think this combat is more boring? Cause you can still use stealth. Still the combat can be alot better

  5. As much as I’m trying to convince myself to try out this game, there’s something about it(especially the combat)that just completely turns me off.

    1. @Bradley Large mr Bradley I’m sorry you had to face a problem like that,its abhiraaj here from ubisoft india survey team,this will be patched on Sunday atleast our bosses tell us that,we are extremely sorry for the problem
      For any further queries please contact
      Ubisoft India helpline

    2. @democracy respecter i love democracy i really do Okay? Even if he was, what’s the point? Not everyone’s gonna be a pro or hardcore. Some just wanna enjoy games without being too obsessed with them.

    1. @Gio Du There can be more than one game set in Japan at a time, ya know. Plus, from what I heard, the stealth in GoT is bad.

      If AC would go back to it’s roots and place a greater emphasis on stealth and then apply that to a game set in Japan, then we could have a really amazing AC game on our hands imo.

      Just the thought of being dressed up in a traditional black ninja outfit running across rooftops throwing kunai and shurikens into people’s faces makes me giddy.

      Of course, AC is usually European and North America focused, but that’s all the more reason to set an AC game in Asia. Finally go to another continent where the culture is a lot different and therefore give yourself more creative options and change up the formula more.

  6. I’m actually really loving this game, Odyssey kinda seemed too bloated to me and I didn’t like the forced leveling system. This one is definitely more my style.

    1. @tired shinigami BTW, the skills have stealth skills and viking skills too that means you will enjoy the stealth or raiding with more features

    2. @tired shinigami btw some skills are fun so it is better to level up a bit to enjoy the skills. I suggest you to level up after you finish the story cuz it will be more fun and the game wont die instantly after you finish the story.


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