Demon’s Souls – Before You Buy

Demon's Souls (PS5) is a remake of the beloved From Software program traditional that began all of it. How is it? Let's speak.
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  1. Just a quick launch day first look. So far so good! We’ll have a ‘Before You Buy’ video looking at the whole PS5 console up soon.

    1. Shame that the art and music are so… off. Technically impressive, but they just have no heart and soul. Bluepoint just made a souls-rip-off instead of a Demon’s Souls remaster.

    1. @BabyMetalMemes I literally did the same, then sold the playstation afterwards… the pain of being a PC player and having to buy a console just to play FromSoft games… I crie

    2. I preordered a ps5 then when the shops opened up (because of Covid) I go into EB Games Australia and they tell me I won’t get it until 2021 WTF

    1. @Yoatemybeans The site uses queueing. So it doesn’t sell out in seconds. You have minutes. Plus, if it sells out the site says what day they’re getting more in. It’s really great.

    2. @Pox usually around noon. Follow Wario64 on Twitter and turn on notifications. He will tweet out as soon as they go live. He will tweet out when ANY site has some in stock. He has up to the second info on this stuff.

      Get set up. Open a tab for playstation direct. Have the out of stock listing open. Get signed in with your PSN I’d and stuff. Get all your address info in and all that. Then as soon as they go live you can just hit refresh one time and add to cart. I’ve done this twice now. Got a PS5 for me and another for my brother.

  2. Step one: Be able to actually order a PS5. Seriously though, congrats to those that were able to.

    Edit: I am not congratulating the horrible scalpers!! 🤬

    1. I got mine off of Sony direct or PlayStation direct whatever it’s called Thursday morning I got it they already shipped it and it’s coming to my house it should be here in the next hour or so keep an eye on Sony direct

    2. @Martin Dominguez
      I agree. The feedback from the DualSense isn’t something you can really explain, you have to feel it for yourself.
      And the Adaptive Triggers are amazing!!! So much potential there.

    3. And also buy a new TV that handles higher framerate, low latency and other hdmi 2.1 features, another 1000-1500 bucks at least😃

    1. @Yagyu dude stfu they used the original code. Its the same game.
      Objectively speaking this version of DS is far superior to the original in every aspect

    1. @Christopher Boye it’s not cryptic, the game IS designed for you to be able to ignore the story, but it’s not cryptic when you actually pay attention.

    2. @Faheem Ibn Habib I finished Dark Souls without having a single clue on what the hell is actually going on. If the plot is that cryptic it might be best to not have one at all.

  3. My Friend: You should play this “Demon’s Souls”
    Me: (Pops it in)
    My Friend: You can skip the intro, it’s just like Grandpa is awake, and you need to make him go sleepy again.
    Me: Okay.

  4. I literally have demons souls to my right but my ps5 doesn’t get here until tomorrow unfortunately. I can’t wait

    1. You are going to enjoy it. Definetly the most next gen game I’ve played so far. It’s a weird feeling since everytime you die the game loads up before you can get over losing all your souls lol. Gotta love ssd

  5. Demon’s Souls: TRAPS!!!
    Darks Souls: Play the entire game thinking eventually some trap is going to get sprung. Nope, MIMICS!
    Bloodbourne: Play the entire game attacking every chest just in case there was a mimic.

    1. And attacking suspicious looking walls in search for illusory walls. And when you get used to the fact they’re not in the game… turns out they exist but only in a specific part of the Chalice Dungeons.

  6. The game feels easier because it’s at 60fps, it makes your reactions and sword swings more responsive and smooth so that clunkiness you feel is still kinda there in the 30fps mode

    1. @Just Another Commenter, carry on it’s the exact same speed as the original. The omni-directional rolling is only when locked on, it really doesn’t trivialize the combat at all, especially for those of us who almost never play locked on.

    2. @It Burns When IP 4 way rolling when LOCKED ON. There is zero change to the combat feel between the original and this. I’ve played the original dozens upon dozens of times. I’ve tried the remake, it is the exact same combat

  7. Damn, they seriously upgraded the visuals. I never played the original, only watched some gameplay here and there but I’ve got to say that this may be the most visually appealing Dark Medieval Fantasy game I’ve seen, the insane amount of detail, just damn.

  8. Could you imagine getting this as a launch game and you’ve never played a Demon Souls type game?! I’d be praying for their mental health 😂

    1. I played dark souls 3 and sekiro. Was pretty easy. A bit hard in the beginning, but after 1 hour ez. Now im hyped for demon souls

    2. Haha thats me, its my first time… just played my first hour and a half and really liked it but frustrating to always go back to the start when you die !!!!!😤 i keep dying… gotta keep grinding tho if i want to get better..

    3. @Brandon Pike have you played sekiro too, I’ve played that but not bloodborne and was wondering which you think is more difficult

    1. @burrito_bisen Yeah, I love the combat in the souls games and the music and enemy designs, but stories are MEANT to be spoonfed. Asking the player to read walls of text is lazy IMO. A good story teller can tell a complex story even without expensive cutscenes and voice acting. Inside is one example.

  9. Does everyone remember then Demon soul’s first came out? I remember just hearing about this little Japanese RPG that doesn’t look great but apparently the few that have tried it say it’s got some really cool ideas and it’s HARD. Now that same game is probably the most anticipated game to lunch with PS5! Selling consoles. Mind blowing.

    1. When I picked demons souls I literally was in a GS looking for something to play and had no idea what it was. I looked up on my phone the reviews it had a solid 8 so I said why not. Little did I know this would begin my love for the series and I couldn’t believe no one was talking about it. Such a fantastic game only out done by dark souls.

    2. Peopel I knew Fromsofts earlier titles and it still baffles me that their horrific controls schemes and clunky gameplay actually gave birth to a genre I really live.

      I mean Bloodbourne and DS3 control very well (almost too well) but DS and DS both are quite slow and clunky making the challenge very interesting and not all about speed

  10. “I’ve played these games since 2009 in the original release”
    Him playing Demon Souls:
    *FAT ROLLS CONSTANTLY* 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

    1. @n00bfish well said. Although instead of later soul games, I would just say Dark Souls 3. Demons Souls and Dark Souls 1 and 2 are all very very similiar on combat speed. Almost everything you said can be said about Dark Souls and DS2 as well. DS3 is the odd one out, since it wanted to be Bloodborne 2 lol

    2. @JTisOneCrazyMan20 really? I could’ve sworn i heard something about heavier rolls having more iframes than lighter ones

    3. Fat rolls in Demons Souls don’t make the combat as awful/unplayable as later Souls games, if I remember. The combat is MUCH slower and more methodical than later Souls games (where enemies are much faster) and blocking is generally viable (in lieu of dodging) as long as you build your character for it. Most of the powerful boss moves have BIG telegraphs and long wind ups, which make them possible to avoid even with the “fat roll.” So it’s not nearly as punished as it is in later games … e.g., Dark Souls 3.

      Armor and magic in Demons Souls are also much more effective and viable strategies for character builds than they are later in the series. (Don’t get me started on magic!). It’s been ages, but I remember back at the time the Knight class used to be considered a fairly decent starting class. Which starts with heavy / fluted armor and a fat roll, I think.

      There’s more than one way to successfully play through Demons Souls. Fat rolling may not be optimal, but it’s not completely unviable either. You’d be surprised just how much this game lets you get away with.

      Just my two cents.

    4. @عبدالله العويس that is not true at all. Fat rolls in DS3 have 12 iframes. Regular and fast rolls both have 13 iframes

  11. Be sure to play it using the 60fps performance mode like the devs suggested in their latest interview with Digital Foundry. There are no noticeable graphical differences between the two modes whatsoever, and the 60fps just feels so good and according to the devs the 60fps mode has been their main focus during the development. All the streamers I’ve watched have also agreed that it’s the best way to play the game.

    1. @ErroneousE there is actually a big difference PS5 has a lot better performance than series x in FPS


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