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PS5 and Xbox Series X launch, somebody has performed Elden Ring, consoles are vaping now, and extra in per week filled with gaming information.
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Hidden shock function

Xbox gross sales

The vapes
of Xbox:

Sq. Enix loss

Nioh shall be remastered for next gen

Night time Metropolis Wire next week:

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Comment (64)

    1. In playing depression this weekend I bought a new 4k tv just for the ps5 and I can only play my ps4. It is impressive I can now activate HDR when a new console that could actually do some amazing stuff on thus new tv is out there and I can’t buy it. I have been going to the plasma center for the past month and a half trying to save up money and I honestly don’t feel like playing my ps4 anymore because it just makes me remember the fact that I now have to wait months for the ps5 to me in stock just so I can have a small chance to just purchase it

    1. @slyph12 that quite an imputation thing to mention. Most of, if not all of the major stores should’ve had captcha at checkout. Would’ve helped the PS5 preorders a lot, with scalpers

    2. I mean I understand is frustrating not been able to buy it when it launches but it’s not like we won’t get it at some time in the future. It sucks that my order got cancel tho but hey maybe I will be able to get it either on the Holidays or next year.

    3. @The F Team most if not all big/popular twitch streamers secured one as well. Don’t understand why most online stores didn’t applied captcha on their check-out. It’s hard to beat bots without this precautionary step.

    1. @Miguel CossyLeon I mainly play on PC so it’s not that big of a deal but it’s just kinda weird that they don’t support 1440p.

    2. Maybe they have yet to realize that a lot of Play Station/console streamers (mostly free publicity) happen to use 1440p monitors.

  1. I do plan on getting a PS5. That being said, it’s going to take a while since stock keeps getting bought out by scalpers…

    1. @Blutige Tränen VR is absolutely not like 3D movies. Movies don’t display 120fps. And everybody talked right here about a bunch of games without mentioning Beatsaber. It’s ok to like new things.

    2. I guess. But honestly PC is still the only way ro experience ALL that VR is capable of and what it has to offer. The rest is just a taste.

  2. Got nothing but am happy with my overwhelming backlog to hold me over till the new systems go on sale, its the first time I am refusing to be first even if its arguably the most well supported consoles (PS5/XBOX) on release to date.

    1. Michial Phelps lmao yea the Sony’s do look amazing. I heard the sound quality is through the roof. I’m quite content with these. Got them second hand from a friend who upgraded. Not a scratch on them and they work good as new 🙂


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