Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Before You Buy

Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4, PS5) builds upon the good basis set by Insomiac's 2018 Spider-Man. Let's dive in with some recent gameplay and impressions.
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  1. Basically, if you loved the first game. There’s no way you wouldn’t love this one. If you didn’t love the first game, then you won’t love this one.

    1. @LeoTheGamer I said it’s a fucking metaphor.

      Cuz most DLCs are short compared to main games. Obviously it’s not a DLC

    2. the gameplay is exactly the same. repetitive and boring after a xouple hours but it looks amazing and the aesthetics are beautiful. idt the original was that impressive either but im sure the next full game will be more flushed out the repetitive nature AI and bosses are so bad never feel like playing besides just swinging around

    1. Guessing you all haven’t seen the video because I think if you had seen it you would have been able to read the comment like no problem.

    1. @Zephyr Yeah. The original game was already short and this game is half of that, BUT the quality of the content (especially the music) is great. I even did all the side and FNSM app missions to lengthen my play-time since I went into this knowing the story would be short.

    2. I dont have the game but in listening to the ost on spotify.

      John paesano doesnt disappoint. Gotta be ome of my all time fav composers along with shoji meguro.

    1. @Ovvl don’t tell them about current slang and style… it gets so tiring having to continuously update it because they find out and say it so much that it becomes deformed and cringey out of their overuse…

    2. @Randy Marsh lol the ironic thing is you know a basic correction of your and you’re but your not smart enough to get it was a joke. Yikes.(referring to the comment you made about Kermit)

  2. The game was worth the money to me, maybe should’ve been $40 but whatever. Plus I love how the gameplay feels so much better when the first game was nearly perfect to me. The web swinging to me is better because of Miles’s unperfectionism and style. I love it and can’t wait to play more of it

    1. Totally agree dude easily was worth the 50 bucks to me miles is such a awesome character the game just has a very fresh feel to it and it’s fun as hell

  3. I absolutely LOVE how the overhauled the air tricks you can do while webswinging around manhatten. It’s such a small detail that makes the swinging look so much more dynamic. The way that moves now go over into other moves fluently and that Miles’ swing animation even changes depending on what trick you just did is just mindblowing to me

  4. I’m just sitting here waiting for the inevitable announcement that Skyrim is being remastered and rereleased for the PS5. Because why make ES6 when you can just keep milking Skyrim like they have been for the last 10 years.

    1. @My name is Irrelevant es6 will certainly be on ps5 but after a year or 2 of exclusivity on Xbox series x. Why else would Xbox buy the studio if they are just gonna let their competition have it too?

    2. @PGE Gaming Get over it boy. Its not exclusive and will be less embarrassing for you if you admit it now. Sorry to hurt your feels.

    1. Yeah you don’t really know when Falcon is excited. It’s harder to notice than with Jake, who is an open book in comparison

    1. @Spotty Pongo
      I played it on ps4 and had a lot of bugs like frame drop stops at many times, once while I was swinging I fell off the map. but it was a good game in itself

    2. @JTReviewsPlus I bought on my base ps4 today and it runs mostly perfectly. I’ve only had one frame rate drop and the game paused for a second to load the world during a certain chase sequence early on but that’s literally it. It also has a free upgrade to ps5 for when you do get a new console

    3. In Brazil it’s the exact opposite, because it’s so EXPENSIVE you need around 9 months with a job without buying any food or anything

    1. @Ethan Roberts Ah. A playstation fanboy.

      First of there wouldn’t be modern day fps games on consoles without halo, so no calll of duty, no battlefield, no killzone, no resistance and lots more fps that wouldn’t be born. 343 is still trying to recreate the old bungie with Halo , even Bungie the original creators of Halo are now a trash money hungry studio under activison.

      Not 1 good game lmao, but I’ll list the rest since you want to know. Gears pop is a spin-off phone game lmao, what is your point there? Don’t you know God of War has 2 games that released on phones? “God Of War: A Call From The Wilds” and “God Of War: Betrayal” are phone games so again what’s your point?

      When did a game releasing on pc become a bad thing? You know Horizo Zero Dawn released on pc so that Guerilla and Sony can make more money and make bigger projects. Exclusives are becoming a thing of the past and even sony knows this that’s why they’ve started releasing their games on pc.

      Now I will list other xbox exclusives you want to know:
      1. Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind ( The best elder scrolls game)
      2. Fable 1 and 2 ( Great RPG games)
      3. Forza games (By far the best racing games)
      4. Half Life 2
      5. Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic
      6. Crackdown
      7. Left4Dead
      8. Sunset Overdrive
      And again lots more. You’re probabl going to downplay all I’ve said with a fanboy reply like “xbox trash” but that’s the funny part of toying with you’re weak minded fanboy brain. Seems like I got a good puppy to play with today.

    2. @LeoTheGamer also I looked at what they have revealed so far and nothing been good
      Oh cool the released halo
      No one cares the series had gone downhills

    3. @LeoTheGamer first of all halos sucks
      2nd so you have 1 good game that uncharted took inspiration which is on iOS and windows so what’s your point
      Please point out some more

    4. @Ethan Roberts If you’re talking about the xbox one era I agree with you. They really didn’t do too well with exclusives, they were focusing on quality of life improvements. Next gen seems different though. But if you are talking about the whole of xbox from origonal xbox and 360. You’re very wrong as xbox had the great halo trilogy that re-invented fps games. They also had gears of war. Which uncharted took a lot from and lots more. Next gen seems equal with quality exclusives.

    5. @Tom Oliver True mate I have all consoles. *not interested in pc’s* and I love playstation exclusives. But I hate it when they start anyone starts fanboying over any console.

  5. I think you should change the name of this series to After You Buy cause I always end up watching these after I buy the product 😂

    1. i’ve been playing on ps4 and there is a glitch on the pre-last mission where miles just pops in place randomly 😂 also one in a side mission where you can only see miles’ head for like 3 seconds

  6. This game is astounding on ps5. Especially inside a building at night time, you can totally tell this is a new generation. I can’t wait to see what ps5 has in store if MM was a launch game.

  7. I have a very scary feeling that people would get bored with this series if it feels repetitive.

    Let’s hope insomniac knows what they’re doing.

    1. @Ethan Roberts *You dare underestimate my POWAAHHHH*

      Also, as I said, he looks like a 16 year old in the trailers and screenshots, but in the game, it looks far better. Also, I think one of the reasons they did this was for the way more facial expressions that can be found now.

    2. @Vinny L. the emotions part is false just look at the final scenes of the remastered version 8n comparison one is ruined the other is great

    3. @Bright Grimm I thought the same and kept bitching about it. But in game it looks far better and looks more suitable for a 23 year old actually.

  8. Falcon: “this game is good. It’s a buy.”

    If Jake had reviewed it: “this is my new religion. I must breathe it. Love it. Cherish it.”

    1. Falcon’s review was as if he wasn’t really sure about what he was saying like “I think this one is a buy?”. Like wtf dude, are you that unprofessional?


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