PS5 – Before You Buy

Sony's PlayStation 5 has arrived. After testing it for a number of days, listed below are some issues it’s best to anticipate. We speak {hardware}, design, interface, pace, video games, and extra!
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    1. Get a Xbox, they gonna get the steam store soon that means steam sales, I’m a pc gamer so don’t hate on me I don’t own any console I’m biased.

  1. ** Retailer: PlayStation 5 Available for Sale **
    “Let me think, should I buy one?”
    ** Retailer: Sold Out **
    “Wait! I need to think!”

  2. Do you smell it!
    Me: no
    It smells like new consoles!
    Me: really what’s does the smell like?
    Me: can I smell anything!?

  3. 8:35 Remember when the PlayStation Store was part of the PS3’s UI in 2008?

    Ever since 2012 they made it its own app. Glad to see them come back to their senses

    1. @Brayden Surratt They commonly go for around 10k-20k at auto auctions because they’re typically loaded with problems, just like any DeLorean driven for more than 40k miles.

    1. @Milos M good point, I wish I had alot of money lol you should learn about the stock market and how to make money using it and your future will be better trust me

    2. @Milos M where did this info come from? I dont know that much about technology but I heard that there isnt even 1440p support on the ps5, so why would I be upscaled from something that the console doesnt even support

  4. Seems Sony forgot to take currency conversion in to account when pricing games in Europe, demons souls digital deluxe in USD is cheaper than the base game in Europe. so guess will be waiting to see what pricing is like next year for games if it stays or drops.

    1. They always do that. It’s annoying. Playstation became US by now basically especially with the closing of PS Europe Headquarter and the new ps plus dude taking the helm it going capitalist

    1. The looks mean absolutely nothing. If the system works the way you expect for your money then nothing else matters.

  5. Honestly, I know it might sound silly, but …..OH MY GOD…. The tension triggers on the controller is the most amazing experience. Blowing my mind!!!!!

    1. They just keep scaring me, whenever I shoot in Cold War or Borderlands I feel like I’m going to break the trigger 😂 when you really start to pay attention to it though it’s incredible. Feels like the real thing which is absolutely insane

  6. Many people wanted to get PS5 early even my friend as my classmate just bought it. I really do suggest to buy PS5 like after a year or maybe 2 as it becomes more affordable with less problems

    1. @坏シ Mood シ坏 bold of you to assume that he’s privileged and that he doesn’t just have a job and earn a living, like I do… Hence how things I want to have and do can be afforded 🤨.

    2. @Eric Dodd Bold of you to assume people working full time can afford nice things, minimum wage in the USA is $7 hr that’s $84 for 12 hr shift before taxes …..

    1. @Steva Cigan Well, luckily, this ain’t Facebook. And you should have just mentioned it on THERE instead of here because people are gonna be all *”WTF?”* Lol

    2. @Mr. Obama Jr. I’ve seen comments like those on Facebook so that’s why I mentioned them. But yeah good luck to you too, I won’t buy mine for atleast 2 more years

  7. 11:03 “thank you for a great 2020” I’ve literally never heard anyone say that before. Ever. I applaud you focusing on the good 👍


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